What is a Child Soldier

A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a
Boy Soldier
Introduction: What is a Child Soldier?
Opinion Line Ups
• Every human should have rights
• Children should have the same rights as adults
• War is always wrong
• What is a child soldier?
• What is happening in the photo?
• How does it make you feel?
• What are your questions about this?
The Power of Childhood (War Child Campaign
Camp Okutta
Zaw Tun’s Story (Burma)
• 'I was recruited by force, against my will. One evening
while we were watching a video show in my village
three army sergeants came. They checked whether we
had identification cards and asked if we wanted to join
the army. We explained that we were under age and
hadn't got identification cards. But one of my friends
said he wanted to join. I said no and came back home
that evening but an army recruitment unit arrived next
morning at my village and demanded two new recruits.
Those who could not pay 3000 kyats had to join the
army, they said. I (my parent) could not pay, so
altogether 19 of us were recruited in that way and sent
to Mingladon (an army training centre).'
Myo Win's story:
• 'We were drugged and ordered to move forward
on the battlefield. We did not know what sort of
drug or alcohol we were given but we drank it
because we were very tired, very thirsty and
hungry. We had walked for two whole days under
very hot burning sun. The hill (battlefield) had no
shade, trees were burnt and artillery shells were
exploding everywhere. We were so scared, very
thirsty and some of us collapsed due to overtiredness. But we were beaten from behind (by
the officers) and had to move forward. One got
Child Soldiers: The Full Picture
First Stereotype:
All Child Soldiers are part of active combat
True or False?
Second Stereotype:
All child soldiers fight for rebels.
True or false?
False. Child soldiers are recruited by both rebels
and governments.
Third Stereotype:
All child soldiers are abducted or forced into
True or False?
False. Some children volunteer or are
volunteered by their parents.
• Fourth Stereotype: All child soldiers are boys
True or False?
Fifth Stereotype: All child soldiers kill
True or False?
Child Soldiers
• Case studies: Beni and Marie Agathe (DRC)
How did being child soldiers affect their lives?
Discuss in pairs / groups
Child Soldiers
Case studies assignment:
1. Read the case in groups and pick out key
2. Create a freeze frame set (3-5 frames) along
with a narration to tell the story OR create a
Include information you learned today.
 To be presented to the class.
War Child Canada
BBC: Children of Conflict