`Manage Your Appointments` tab - Parents` Evening Booking System

Overview of the software - video
How do I login?
What are each of the tabs for?
‘Manage Bookings’
‘Manage Your Appointments’
Frequently Asked Questions
We have added video
tutorials in the top right
corner of each page in
the software. Click
these to watch a video
on how to use the page.
Overview of the software - video
As a further resource, or for use instead of reading this presentation, there is an
accompanying film!
We have prepared five minute video which explains the staff/teacher area of the
Parents’ Evening Booking System. You can watch the film in Vimeo.com by clicking
How do I login?
1. Go to www.parents-booking.co.uk
2. OR go to www.parents-booking.com and click the ‘School Login’ link in the top right.
Next, login using the username and password which
has been provided by your school Administrator.
What are each of the tabs for?
When you login, you will have the option of choosing three Staff tabs.
Manage Bookings –Make bookings on behalf of pupils and parents
Reports – Run reports and insights, for example: see who has and has not booked
Manage Your Appointments – This is the main staff page. Staff need to search for
themselves and are then shown their bookings and an overview of their schedule(s).
‘Manage Bookings’ tab
Use ‘Manage Bookings’ to make
appointments on behalf of
1. Choose the parents evening
2. Choose the department
3. Choose the teacher
4. Click on a time
5. Find the pupil
6. Select the parent
7. ‘Make Booking’
8. You can print a parents’
appointment card
9. You can cancel an existing
10. Cancel all the bookings of
one specific parent
‘Reports’ tab
Use ‘Reports’ to check which
parents have and have not
booked any appointments.
1. Choose the term
2. Choose the parents evening
3. Children associated with
this evening
4. Parents associated with this
5. Percentage of parents who
have booked
6. Number of bookings made
7. Run reports for these
options. These reports can
be exported into Excel,
printed or e-mailed
‘Manage Your Appointments’ tab
Part 1 – find yourself
Use ‘Manage Your
Appointments’ to check and
print out your schedule for the
parents evening.
You can also block out
appointment times and move
your start and end time if your
Admin has allowed this.
1. Enter your surname to
search for yourself.
2. Select the correct parents
3. Search
List of parents’ evenings scheduled
‘Manage Your Appointments’ tab
Part 2 – manage your appointments
1. You can extend your
availability here
2. Block out
appointment time
slots here
3. Check who has
booked in the main
4. Parent contact
details are shown
5. Parental questions
are hidden. ‘Click to
View’ to see these
6. Teachers can add
their own notes
7. Teacher can tick if
the parent attends
8. Teachers print out
their appointments