Blowing your own trumpet
Giving your school’s history
department a high profile
The Plot
Declining numbers and …
Front of House
Who to?
• Grade 9 Pupils
• Their Parents
• School Management
The History Evening
The Main Stage
• The classroom environment
Selling History to the Grade 9s using
presentations and videos
What research tells us:
• Career relevance is key, but learners are not
particularly attracted by jobs like working in a
museum so be careful.
• History role models are a good idea. People
who have been very successful in a variety of
fields who studied history to an advanced level.
Other issues to highlight
• The importance of history skills across a wide
range of applications and especially for any
type of study at a university should be
• The role of History in forming an informed
citizen with a strong sense of context.
What can the society do?
• Need to keep agitating for improvements to
the matric History papers.
• Become a conduit for History best practice
• The Big challenge
A new promotional DVD.