Community Classes - Oxford Virtual Academy

Education without Barriers
Any Time, Any Place, Any Pace!
New Faces
• Drew Hulbert – Director
• Mark Suckley - Counselor
• Janet Schell – Lead Mentor Teacher
• Jennifer Burrows – Mentor Teacher
• Kat Caron – Student Services
• Tarla Gernert – Homeschool Director
Completing our first year
Serving the Homeschool community
Serving non-traditional students
Oxford Community Schools
Creating a world-class education today to shape
tomorrow’s selfless, global leaders.
• More than 5,000 students in pre-Kindergarten through 12th
• There are nine schools that comprise the district, including
five elementary schools, one middle school, one high school,
one early learning center and one alternative high school.
• Oxford is also home to the Oxford International Residence
• The First High School in China.
• 13 Sister Schools Worldwide.
• Oxford Academy of Engineering & Technology.
• Oxford Biomedical Program
• International Baccalaureate Programme – Preparing students
for the Global Market.
• Early High School Program.
• Early College School.
We offer – Choices!
Part Time Students
• Partnership with Homeschool
• Grades K-5, two free Homeschool Connections Classes
• Grades 6-12, four free Homeschool Connections Classes
• Virtual courses
• Many elective options outside of the core areas.
• Core virtual classes may be purchased. (No testing required)
• AP courses in core subjects available – only for prepared
• Community Classes
• College Courses (Dual Enrollment)
• Seated Courses
• Your family can choose what fits best
We offer – Choices!
Full Time Students/Parent Directed Education
Numerous Options
Full standardized virtual
curriculum in your own
Self-paced, with guidance and
supervision to ensure work is
done correctly and students stay
on track.
Students are required to
participate in all regular
required testing.
Graduate with an Oxford
Schools Diploma.
Homeschool Connections –
Community Classes
• For full or part time students.
• Interactive academic and
enrichment courses.
• Wide variety of classes:
• PE, Robotics, Art, Writing, Literature,
• Current Locations
• Oxford, Rochester and Royal Oak
• Future Locations
• Farmington Hills and Lapeer
Early College - Opportunity
• Earn a high school diploma and 60 credits
towards your college degree in 5 years.
• OCC to Oakland (O2O) = All classes
• Rochester College will provide
scholarships to students to complete their
bachelors degree. Students that
successfully complete the program with a
B average.
College Courses –
Dual Enrollment
Opportunity for college courses
Juniors and Seniors
• Dual Enrollment
Maximum of two per semester
• Must have a virtual class, as well.
Your local community college
must meet requirements
• Testing Scores
• Class above and beyond
Oakland Schools Technical
• Biotechnology & Environmental Science
• Business, Management, Marketing, and
• Engineering/Emerging Technologies
• Construction Technology
• Cosmetology/Human Services
• Culinary Arts/Hospitality
• Health Sciences
• Transportation Technology
• Visual Imaging
Resources for both Full time and
Part time students.
Connections Classes
Community Classes
Seated classes at the award
winning Oxford Schools
Virtual Computer Lab/Tutoring
Academic Mentor Teacher
Educational counseling
Sports for Free (no pay to play)
And many more…..
Virtual Courses
Language Arts
Social Studies
Abundant choices through:
*Students enrolled
in core classes
must follow state
• K12
Lincoln Interactive
• PowerSpeak
• Apex
Little Lincoln
Virtual Courses
Every student will receive:
Academic Mentor Teacher
Course Content Teacher
Tech support
On-site Tutoring
Academic Counseling
Equipment assistance as needed
Every student will need to:
• Take final exams at OVA
• Adhere to OVA policies
Grade K-5 Virtual Courses
• K12 – Very strong and rigorous
curriculum. Structured and time
intensive. Requires the most parent
• K-2 – Little Lincoln – All encompassing
curriculum. Very creative and interactive
in math, science, reading, writing, social
studies, wellness and visual arts.
• 3-5 – Lincoln Interactive - Each course
uses a variety of online and hands-on
approaches. Web casts, PowerPoint
presentations, Experiments, Videos,
• Lincoln Explorations – 5 Lincoln electives
to choose from.
• Powerspeak – grades 3-12, five foreign
languages to choose from.
• Free – Brain Pop
Grades 6-12 Virtual Courses
• e2020 - Our most popular secondary
virtual option. Adapted to meet state
standards. Courses aligned with Oxford
Community Schools. Students will have
certified Oxford teachers for each content
• Apex – Three levels (honors, core, Literacy
Advantage) Courses contain guided notetaking and study guides.
• Aventa – Some foreign language and AP
• Powerspeak - 30 Different Courses and 5
Languages (Spanish, French, German,
Chinese, Latin)
• Lincoln Interactive - More than 250
courses, numerous electives in Science and
Added Resources
Wolverine Tutors
Khan Academy
Wolfram Alpha
Homework Helpers
Michigan eLibrary
MIT Virtual Courses
Career Cruising Web tools
Developing Community Classes
Using local companies to establish new learning
opportunities in:
• Horticulture
• Equine Science
• Therapeutic Riding
• Photography
• Art classes at local studio
• More to come
Choose What Fits Best
• Partnership
• Some Virtual
• All Virtual
• Dual Enrollment
• Seated Courses at any of
Oxford’s Great Schools
• Community Classes
• College Courses
• Or a Blend of your choice
What’s Next?
Who can participate?
Any student that lives in Oakland county or any county that touches
Oakland County.
What is required?
• Active participation in virtual or community classes.
• Attendance for count day event. (one in Oct. and one in Feb.)
• Weekly email contact with a mentor and content teacher.
How do I get started?
• Contact OVA’s registrar Kat Caron
Meet with Mark or Tarla
to set up schedule for fall.
Future Plans
• New Lab
Longer Hours – More tutoring!
• Registration Open Now
• Flyers – Invite a friend
• 3 Classes or more –
• Able to play sports or be in clubs
(ie. Robotics, dive team)
• Photo ID – Free admission into
sports and musicals. (Picture day
August 29 1-4pm)
o Parent/Student Training the
Week before school begins
Aug 27-30
o It is in your best interest to
try to avoid extensions.
Causes students stress.
New Phone App : Oxford Virtual Academy in
the Palm of Your Hand – One Touch Away
Learning for each
Apex Learning provides:
• Three Levels of Courses
o Foundations
o Core
o Honors
• Classes developed by Educators
• Various Styles of Instruction
• Aligned to the Common Core
o Standards
• Courses contain guided note-taking
and study guides.
Grades 9-12 – NCAA Approved
e2020 provides:
• Adapted to meet state standards
• Courses aligned with Oxford
Community Schools
• Students will have certified
Oxford teachers for each content
• New and Updated course for the
fall semester.
• 21 new Career Education
Courses – Tech/Computer/
Engineering/Web Design
Aventa Learning provides:
• More than 400 highly qualified
• Hosting real time (synchronous)
weekly instructional sessions via
• “Live” help-they can also contact our
teacher hot line
• For more information see
PowerSpeak provides:
• Fun online activities and learning games
• Listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are
reinforced with culturally-authentic scenarios
• Easy-to-use at home
• For more information see
• Grades 3-12
• 30 Different Courses and 5 Languages (Spanish,
French, German, Chinese, Latin)
Little Lincoln provides:
• 1st – 2nd grade curriculum
• Fun Day-to Day learning
o Story books, videos, games, auditory
• Print material
o Guide books, activity books, supply kit.
• For more information see
Lincoln Interactive provides:
• More than 250 courses
• Each course uses a variety of online and
hands-on approaches
• Web casts, PowerPoint presentations,
Experiments, Videos, Games
• For more information see
• Grades 3-5 and Middle and HS Electives
K12 provides:
• Online lessons and quality hands-on materials
• Teaching guides
• K12 Teachers
• Assessments
• Built-in planning tools
• Built-in progress
• For more information see
• Grades 1-5 or Middle and HS Electives