8th Grade Back to School
Technology Resources at Mount View Middle School:
Mount View Website : http://mvms.hcpss.org/
Library & Technology Resources: This site provides convenient access to all
of the technology resources available at MVMS.
Edmodo - Mount View’s class management system --Teachers will post daily
homework assignment, class announcements, tests and project dates on their
Edmodo pages.
Technology Resources at Mount View Middle School:
Google Apps For Education (GAFE) - Online document storage
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U.S. History
Tara Brennan and Dan Yetter
Interns: Randi Jones & Nicholas Valenti
Content Covered: From Colonization to Reconstruction
It’s All About the Skills!
Develop Historical Thinking Skills:
o Sourcing
o Contextualization
o Close Reading
o Cross Checking/Corroboration
By the end of the year, students should develop skills of:
inferential thinking, interpretation, analysis, synthesis, and
Amy Mastria
Jenny Otto
Content covered: Physics and Chemistry
Assessment: Science MSA in the Spring
GT Science- Research Project
- 8th grade continues with the second part of the
project- Data analysis, Conclusion, Discussion and
- This part is independent (so it is okay if your
partners are not in your class)
- New to GT will complete the first part of the project
in student groups
English Language Arts
Megan Remmel
Steve Ammann
Terry Bollard &
Erich Raschid
Interns: Monica Coleman, Beth Weith, and McKenna
Units of Study:
Exploring the Unknown: Science
Flowers for Algernon (OG)
Frankenstein (GT)
The House of the Scorpion
Love and Friendship: Tragedy
Romeo and Juliet
Freedom: Speeches
Historical Speeches
The Giver (OG)
ELA: Writing and Grammar
● Students will work on writing in response to
argument, narrative, and explanatory tasks.
● Grammar will be dispersed throughout the
Anshu Randhawa - Algebra, Common Core 8
Soojung Kim & Erich Raschid - Common Core 8
Kelsey Bassolino - Geometry GT, Seminar
What will my child study this year in Common Core 8?
-The Number System & Exponents
-Analyzing Functions & Equations
-Patterns of Association
-Volume of Solids
What will my child study this year in Algebra?
-Reasoning with Expressions and Equations
-Linear and Exponential Relationships
-Quadratic Functions and Modeling
-Descriptive Statistics
-Modeling with Other Functions
What will my child study this year in Geometry GT?
-Transformations, Similarity, and Congruence
-Triangles, Proof, and Similarity
-Circles, Proof, and Construction
-Extending to Three Dimensions
-Applications of Probability
What assessment will my child take this year?
This year is the first administration of the Partnership for
Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers
(PARCC) test.
Maryland will administer PARCC for the following grades
and courses: Grades 3-8, Algebra I, Algebra II.
Geometry will be assessed in future years.
Tell me more about the PARCC assessment.
Assessments will cover ELA/Literacy and Math
The test is administered in two parts:
-Performance-Based Assessment (March)
-End-Of-Year Assessment (mid-late May)
Performance on each of these parts will be combined.
Students will then receive a score of 1-5.
Which PARCC assessments are graduation requirements?
-The PARCC Algebra I test is replacing the Algebra I/Data
Analysis high school assessment (H.S.A.) test as a graduation
requirement. This applies to all students taking Algebra I for the
first time this year or in the future.
-Students who have already taken the Algebra I/Data Analysis
H.S.A. will continue to have the H.S.A. as their graduation
How can I find more information about what my child is
High School, Here We Come!
● 8th graders visit MRHS
● 8th graders get course books
● Teachers make recommendations for 9th
grade courses
MRHS 2019
● 8th graders get course selection sheets
● Course selections are due the end of
Service Learning
● 75 hours are required for High School Graduation.
● Multiple components will be completed in U.S. History,
Science, English, and Math classes.
● These components together add up to 25 hours for their
8th grade year. Not doing a project would result in a
loss of hours.
● A sweep project will be conducted for students who are
new to Mount View and may need hours.
Eighth Grade Activities and Field Trips
Genesee Valley: September 23 (Brennan) and 24 (Yetter):
Outdoor Learning Center that emphasizes hands-on challenges and creative
problem-solving scenarios where participants can learn many life skills necessary for
both individual and team success. EXTENDED DAY – Pick up by 4:45 pm
Eighth Grade Activities and Field Trips
Eighth Grade End of the Year Activities: June 2015More information to come
Harbor Cruise: Students will enjoy a threehour cruise around the Baltimore Inner
Harbor where students will connect many of
the social studies themes they have
discussed throughout the year.
Eighth Grade Activities and Field Trips
Eighth Grade End of the Year Activities: June 2015More information to come
Eighth Grade Picnic: Students will
celebrate their final year in middle school
with an outdoor picnic style lunch
and activities (MVMS)
Parents, thank you so much for
coming tonight!!!
What’s Next: Teacher Break out