CVR - Louisiana Department of Education

User Guide for Principals and Teachers
Registering to use the CVR
Louisiana Department of Education
What is the CVR?
Collects the data to
fulfill the
requirements of
Act 54
Annual roster
verification process
is done through the
Gathers more
accurate information
for use in valueadded scores
Different user groups
have different
Reports value-added
results to the
CVR Schedule
Reflects important dates through 2012
October 2011
Value added results released to all appropriate educators.
February 2012
View only process of CVR data.
*April 23, 2012 – May 11, 2012
Teachers will have access to verify class rosters.
*April 23, 2012 – May 18, 2012
Principals will have access to verify class roster changes.
Data Managers will have access to the CVR.
June 1, 2012 (target date)
Release of value added results for 2011-2012 school year.
*Roster verification dates will change yearly, as the process will
always immediately follow testing
CVR Registration
 Who should/can register?
 Current year superintendents
 Current year district CVR data managers
 Current year principals
 Current year teachers instructing core content courses in
grades 3-8 and 9th grade Algebra 1 and/or Geometry
Current year is defined by data submitted to the State
through the Profile of Educational Personnel (PEP)
Core content courses are defined by state course codes that
are aligned with content tested on state assessments.
(ELA/Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies)
CVR Registration – How To
Important messages about the
CVR will be noted here on the
Home Page.
Click the “Continue to Registration/Login Page” button
CVR Registration – How To (cont.)
First-time users go here
CVR Registration – How To (cont.)
Select the correct
School District first
For those concerned about using
SSN for registration
Click “submit” when Section
1 OR 2 has been completed
CVR Registration – How To (cont.)
Selecting Personal Login Code
Make sure that it displays YOUR correct name
Choose your own login, adhering to
the requirements below:
Click “submit”
CVR Registration – How To (cont.)
Selecting Password
Remember your password; we have no access to it if you forget it.
Note the requirements on the right.
Click “Submit”
CVR Registration – How To (cont.)
Security Questions
Remember your login and password; we have no access to them if
you forget. You will be able to retrieve them using the answers
to these questions.
Submit after BOTH questions
have been selected and answered.
CVR Registration – How To (cont.)
Your email is ONLY going to be used to notify you of any changes
made to your account. If you do NOT have an email account (or choose not
to provide it), click the box on the bottom left-hand corner, and click “Submit”.
CVR Registration – How To (cont.)
Click “continue” to enter the CVR