Deep Run High School 1st Annual Marathon Dance

The 8th
Deep Run
& 15th
Faculty Supervisors
Kathleen Kern (Co-Director)
David Kern (Co-Director)
Purpose and Facts about the Dance
To give our students the opportunity to learn the
importance of philanthropy work while benefiting their
community. This event also allows students to develop
lasting friendships and lifelong memories.
Over the last 7 years the students of DRHS have raise $1.1
Million for 67 local non-profit organizations
We are one of 3 high schools in the country to have a
successful Marathon Dance. Only one other school (South
High) raises more money than we do!
The journey you are about to embark on will absolutely
change your life so give it everything you got!
2014 Deep Run Marathon Dance Video
By Matt Baugh
Brooke Langhorne
Senior Committee Head
Which class dominated Sign ups?
Total Students
= 251
= 224
= 174
= 194
Marathon Dance Website
Dancer Packet
Parent Section
Online coordination tool used to manage our
volunteers throughout the school
Marathon Dance is it’s own specific nlist site
(you may already be in “hospitality” but need to
register to be on the DRMD site)
Follow the three steps on flyer in packet.
click on Join Now!
 Enter info. and click join site
 Check email and click link, fill info, & Accept !
You will need to use nlist for 2 things:
Sign-up to chaperone a 3 hour shift OR MORE
Every parent is needed
Sign-up to bring in a food item or donate a prize
Means of communicating with the dancers families
Volunteers Needed
To comply with HCPS regulations, all volunteers need
to fill out a Volunteer/Mentor Form…. EVERY YEAR.
The Form gives permission for a background check of
the applicant's name against the sex offender registry.
It is for the safety of our students, and no parent may
chaperone the dance without this form on file.
Paper forms are available at the table outside or the
form can be filled out online, printed, signed, and
returned to the Deep Run office ASAP.
A link to the Henrico Volunteer Form is available via
the Deep Run PTA web site, under “Volunteers.”
Company Matching
Checks that will be matched by company need
to be stapled to the company form and turned
in with their money
Matching gifts will not be counted toward the
student’s final total.
Dancer Packets
Student Section
Things to bring w/ you when turning in your
money. (all the white forms)
Medical Form (signed by a parent/guardian)
Parent Permission Form (signed by parent)
Code of Conduct Form (signed by both student
and parent)
Pledge Sheet (completely filled out!!!) and
turned into extended study with your money
in the provided envelope.
Pledge Sheet
All checks need to be made payable to DRHS
and the student’s name should be put on the
memo line of every single check!
Make sure that the pledge sheet is completely
filled out and matches (EXACTLY) the money
handed in.
Donations made from out of town donors can
be signed off by the parent. Each donation
requires a signature on the pledge sheet.
How to turn in required forms
forms (Code of Conduct, Parent
Permission, & Medical Forms... All
stapled together) are to be turned into
Mr. or Mrs. Kern in the commons from
7:45 – 8:45am before heading to
extended study to turn in your money
and pledge sheet.
Turning in money and pledge sheet:
All money along with pledge sheet will be
turned in through extended study the week of
the dance on one of the following mornings:
Tues. March 11th
Wed. March 12th
Thurs. March 13th
Friday March 14th
( morning extended study)
(morning extended study)
(morning extended study)
( morning extended study)
Please try to get this all done by Thursday!
How do I get donations?
Corporate Matching funds
 Example letter/mass e-mail in your packet to
use. Send a letter to all your family, friends,
neighbors, parents friends, EVERYONE…
 Mom & Dad’s night out (babysitting for your
 Will haul for donation to dance
 Neighborhood yard work
 Parents work
 Be creative.... Come up with a new idea!
2014 Recipients
Down Syndrome Association of Greater Richmond
Full Circle Grief Center
Henrico Education Foundation
Lamb’s Basket Food Pantry
Brain Injury Association of Virginia
We Heart Harlie
Positive Vibe Foundation
Camp Kesem
Muscular Dystrophy Association
Gray Haven
The ALS Association
Costume Party
Costume Party Information
There will be four costume parties
throughout the evening. We
encourage all dancers to
participate in all the costume
Get together with your friends be
creative and have fun…..
Costume Party Themes:
Neon Glow Stick Rave
Awkward Family Photos
Dynamic Duos
Taste the Rainbow
Neon Glow Stick Rave
Glow Sticks!!!!
Awkward Family Photos
Get out those great Christmas sweaters,
white oxfords, bad hairdos, embarrassing
poses, and bring out you inner
Dress up with your friends, create a
cardboard frame, and strike a pose!
Google “awkward family photos” and
prepare yourself to laugh hysterically
Dynamic Duos
 Opposites
really do attract! Find a
friend and dress to impress as
your favorite pair OR arch enemy.
 Examples:
Salt & Pepper, Batman &
Robin, Peter Pan vs. Captain Hook,
Bread & Butter, Red Sox vs. Yankees,
Auburn vs. Alabama
Taste The Rainbow
Dance the Rainbow... Taste the Rainbow
Get your ROY G BIV on and dress up in solid
colors, the whole rainbow, or a creative colorful
Examples: Starburst, the Wiggles, Skittles, the
Fanta Girls, or even a rainbow leading to a pot of
Need ideas?
Google it!
Official Marathon Dance Store
Get your official DRMD gear here!
Volunteer Shirt
Parents order your volunteer t-shirt now!
Students/Parents order your DRMD gear soon,
the site goes down February 15th!
Bowling Night Out
(Bowl America in Short Pump)
Thursday February 6th from 6 - 8pm
Tickets are $15
$10 of each ticket goes back to DRMD
Tickets will be only be sold at the door.
Zumba Fundraiser
Tired of your regular workout? Come out to support
DRMD while learning to Zumba!
$5 per person. 100% of sales go to DRMD
Sunday February 16th & Sunday March 2nd
Location: DRHS Gym
1st class: 2:00-2:45pm for ages 10 & up
2nd class: 3:00-3:45pm for Adults Only
(child care available during this class)
Genghis Grill
Monday February 17th
All Day at Short Pump and Chesterfield
20% of sales come back to DRMD
when you give flyer or mention the
Chipotle Night
Monday February 24th from 3-9pm
Must bring Flyer (will be on website) or
mention DRMD
of sales goes back to the dance
This is a huge fundraiser and we MUST pack the place!
Annual Pancake Supper
Friday March 7th 2014
Deep Run High School Cafeteria
5:30pm -7:30pm
Tickets on sale at the door for $5.00 per person
$10 for Krispy Kreme Donut eating contest!!
Winner gets $50 Chipotle gift card.
100% of all proceeds go directly to this year’s
Marathon Dance
Blood Drive at Midas in Short Pump
Saturday March 8th
DRMD gets $10 for each pint of
REMEMBER one pint saves 3 lives.
Buffalo Wild Wings
Come have dinner with family and friends
15% of all sales goes to DRMD
Wednesday March 12th (5-9pm)
Air-bands (lip-sync)
 Students get together w/ friends and
try-out to be in the air-band contest
during the dance. Try-outs will be held
Sunday March 9th @ 12 noon.
(Best Air-band receives the trophy)
If you are interested in signing up to
try-out for Air-band… see Mrs. Kern in
Rm. H13 with the song of choice and the
members of the group.
Community Service Hours
Each dancer who attends the entire dance will
receive 10 community service hours.
All dancers are expected to stay for the duration
of the dance. If you leave the dance early for
any reason, you will forfeit your community
service hours.
The only exception to this rule is if a student is
participating in a school related event that
causes them to be late or leave & return.
Community Service Forms
The process is the same this year. Students are
to complete one comm. service form each quarter
(9 wks.)
DRMD 2014 should be on 3rd quarter form
Get form from Ms. Kessinger in Room 122
Forms are also available on Deep Run website.
If you want your hours, you are to turn this form in
at the table when you sign into the dance. If you
don’t bring your form (YOU DON’T GET YOUR
Forms will be submitted to the county within a
Room Assignments
 Room
assignments will be handled by
Mrs. Oliver
 You
will sign up for your room with your
friends the week of money collection only
after you have turned in your forms.
 If
you fail to sign up for a room, a room will
be chosen for you.
Things we need parents to do ASAP
Make sure you have a Volunteer Form completed by
the end of January.
 Forms are available tonight or can be found on the
PTSA portion of the school website
Please sign up through Nlist as soon as possible to
chaperone at least one 3 hour shift.... Feel free to do
as many as you want!
Sign-up to donate a food item and/or prize
Go to to order your
volunteer t-shirt (100% participation) and DRMD gear
by the 15th!
We ask that students DO
NOT drive to the dance. This
is for the student’s safety and
to reduce the number of cars
in the parking lot. Parking is
limited and the students will
be very tired when the dance
is over.
Eat before you come to dance
 Do NOT pack anything you shouldn’t. There
will be extra security on campus throughout
dance and bags WILL be checked upon sign
 Start costumes TOMORROW
 Don’t forget glow sticks!!!
 All medications must be turned in upon sign in
(even Advil, etc) in a Zip Lock labeled with
child’s name on it. Please include directions.
Only inhalers may be go to dancer’s room.
 Checks made out to
DRHS/Minimum of $120 (This
does not count sign up fee)
 If dancer needs to leave dance for
any reason, his/her parent must
come in with their id and sign child
out / into the dance.
note from parent if they are
out of town).
We would like to invite
ALL families and the
DRHS community to the
DRMD Finale.
7:30 – 10pm on Saturday
March 15 . You do NOT
want to miss out.
Questions or
Thank you all very
much for your