Edward R. Martin Middle School 6th Grade Orientation Summer 2014

General Information
 School Hours:
 7:55 AM to 2:15 PM
 Breakfast
 7:45 AM to 7:55 AM
• Traffic Pattern
No cars / Busses only on “lower” Brown Street passageway
• Main office doors
Students use only after 7:55 bell
All visitors (New security lock/cameras)
Brown Street doors are a students’ safe area
Information continued
 Bus info & class assignments
 Local newspaper (bus) & Friday before labor day (assignments)
 House Structure
 Smaller schools with in a school
• School Nurse
 Nurse Linda Pinheiro-Feola
Students for sick dismissal must go through school nurse
Health Cards very important – Emergency contacts
• Late Bus – abbreviated version of all stops (3:30, M-Th.)
• Lockers – Practice over Summer, Locker Night in Sept.
School Classification
 Martin Middle School is currently classified as
TYPICAL with score of 54.0, with the district average
score in at 52.0 and the state average score in at 51.0.
 To raise classification, we need to continue to raise
proficiency rates, close gaps between sub groups, and
maintain growth.
 Martin surpassed the state average by 16+ points for
English Language Learners (ELLs) in Reading, Grades
6, 7, &8.
 Five (5) Core Subjects – English, Math, Social, Science,
and Intervention
 Supports educational needs through individual assessments & data
following the curriculum of the Common Core State Standards
• Exploratory – PE, Health, Computers, Robotics, Tech,
Art, World Languages, Band & Chorus.
• Standardized Assessments – NECAPs Fall/Spring,
Gates Reading, Technology, District Common
Drives scheduling, preparing students to answer constructed
response questions while citing evidence from text assigned.
2014-2015 first year of implementation of PARCC Assessment.
Extra- Curricular
 Sports
 Fall
Boys & Girls Soccer, Boys & Girls Cross Country
 Winter
 Boys & Girls Basketball, Wrestling,
 Spring
 Boys & Girls Track, Baseball, Softball
• Afterschool clubs – 2:30 to 3:30 PM
 Robotics Club, RAP & ACE Homework Clubs, Art Club, Student
Committee, Yearbook Club, Theater Company, Intramurals
 Emergency Cards – Important with legal signature for contacts.
 Student Handbook – Forms to be filled out by parent/guardian
 Wildcat Communicator - (1st Monday of each Month)
 Connect-Ed Notifications – Attendance / Events
 PowerSchool web portal – (Parent database to Student’s
academic growth)
 Report Cards (Every 10 weeks)
 Website – http://www.epschoolsri.com/martin
 School Phone – 435-7819 School Fax – 435-7851
Martin Middle School
 President – Angela Kondon
 Provide student agendas to each student in Sept.
 Fundraising Activities throughout the year –
(Harvest Hop, Spring Fair, Coupon Book, BoxTops for Education)
 Avenue of Communication – mmspto@gmail.com
Thursday, Sept. 11th, 6:30 MMS Library
-Every parent /guardian are members of the PTO
-No membership fee
-All welcome!!!
 Next meeting:
What can parents do?
 Become involved in the school; join the PTO,
check website periodically, communicate with
your child’s teachers throughout the school year.
 Get them to school on time each day.
 Check your child’s progress on PowerSchool.
 Talk to your child about school & assessments…
 …Encourage them to take their
Education seriously 100%
Parental “Positive” involvement =
a student’s successful educational experience!