The Harbor
Cypress Place
Mission Statement
• To promote increased safety, well-being, selfsufficiency, and the permanent connections with
caring adults for runaway, homeless and street
• This mission is met by offering programs that
provide shelter, counseling, community services
and prevention education for youth, adults and
The current continuum serves through three pillar programs:
Basic Shelter, Street Outreach/Drop-in Center Services &
Transitional Living/Independent Living.
We respond to keeping youth safe, aiding the homeless
experience to be brief and helping to assure long term
stability essential to adult success
The Programs
The Harbor Basic Center Program
929 Pine Street
Port Huron MI 48060
(810) 982-8584
Wings Transitional Living Program
1114 Court Street
Port Huron Michigan 48060
(810) 989-9602
Cypress Place Street Outreach Program & Drop-in Center
2019 10th Street
Port Huron Michigan 48060
(810) 824-4835
Youth who have left home without permission.
• Homeless
Youth who have been kicked out of their home, abandoned, are doubled up,
living in uninhabitable conditions, have no other safe alternative living
Potential Runaway
Youth who have threatened to or thought about running away, have runaway
in the past or are at risk of running away
Potential Homeless Youth
Youth at risk of losing housing due to unstable housing, increasing safety concerns,
and family dynamics
Street Youth
An individual who is a runaway youth or a indefinitely/intermittently
homeless youth, and spends a significant amount of time on the street.
The Harbor
Provides shelter for runaway, homeless, potential runaway
or homeless, and at-risk youth between the ages of 9
through 17 who voluntarily request services, as well as
counseling services and reunification guidance for those
looking to reconnect with their families.
Youth can remain at The Harbor for up to 21 days.
All services are free!
The Harbor Services
The Harbor offers the following types of assistance to young
people and their families:
• 24 hour Crisis Intervention and referral
• Safe and structured environment that promotes Positive Youth
Development (shelter for up to 21 days)
• Food, clothing, medical care and other services that youth need
(offered either directly or by referral)
• Individual, group and family counseling
• Recreation programs
• Outreach to youth who may need assistance as well as to public
and private agencies that work with youth and families
• Educational Support
• Establishing Community Connections
• Aftercare services for youth after they leave the shelter (90 days)
Homeless, Runaway, or at risk of Running Away/Homelessness
Ages 9-17
Youth voluntarily enters the program
Parental consent
Not an active threat to self or others or violent offenders
Youth in foster care are not eligible for Harbor services
Able to follow program structure with out one on one care
Referral Process – The Harbor
Referrals are accepted by calling our 24 hour hotline (810) 982-8584 in which trained
personnel are available to take crisis and/or referral calls 24/7, 365 days a year.
The Harbor also accepts referrals on a walk-in basis 24/7. The youth may come to the
program on their own or can be accompanied by an adult.
In the event a youth or referring agent contacts The Harbor prior to the youth coming to the
program, staff may set an appointment to ensure that a staff person is available to take the
time necessary to complete a thorough assessment and intake when the youth does come to
the program.
The Harbor will accept collect calls in the event the youth does not have a cell phone or long
distance services.
In most cases the staff will be able to help with transportation if the youth presents a need.
Transportation arrangement options include having the youth take a taxi to the program,
gaining permission from the parents for staff to transport or assisting the youth with finding a
responsible adult that will agree to transport. In some cases the police or sheriff department
will transport.
The provision for care requires the youth to enter the program voluntarily.
Parents will be notified once the youth gives their permission for The Harbor staff to contact
the parent/legal guardian for consent to complete an intake at The Harbor.
The Transitional Living Program provides support for youth
aged 16 to 21, who need temporary housing (up to 18
months) and social support services while they look for jobs
and housing of their own. Goal is to help youth learn the
skills needed to live independently.
Serves homeless or potentially homeless
Promotes Positive Youth Development
Application Process
Free Program
Services Provided
• Safe, stable living accommodations
• Basic life skills building, including consumer education,
budgeting, housekeeping, food preparation and
parenting skills
• Educational opportunities, such as GED preparation,
post-secondary training and vocational education
• Job attainment services, such as career counseling and
job placement
• Mental health care, including individual and group
counseling in house or by referral
• Physical health care, such as physicals, health
assessments and emergency treatment, assistance with
obtaining insurance
Homeless, Potentially Homeless, Street Youth
Ages 16-21
Voluntarily enters the program
Parental consent (if under 18)
Not an active threat to self or others
No Criminal Sexual Conduct cases accepted
Want to learn the skills to become independent
• Youth who have an open Foster Care or Juvenile Justice
case, where the case is scheduled to close within 60 days
and youth does not have identified housing
Referral Process – Wings Transitional
Living Program
Any homeless/potentially homeless youth between the ages 16 to 21 or individual working
with an identified homeless/potentially homeless youth they are concerned about may contact
Wings by calling (810) 989-9602
Wings requires that a youth requesting services complete an application for entry to the
Following the completion of the application a face to face interview is arranged between the
Wings Advocate and the youth.
The youth’s applications are reviewed at a Team Supervision meeting generally scheduled on
Tuesday afternoons.
Priority for services is based on propensity for success, commitment to being in the program
on the part of the youth, and the imminent need of the youth. For example, a youth living on
the streets, or in a car may be given priority over a youth who has a place to live and is thinking
of leaving where they are currently because they don’t like the rules.
Youth who are not accepted for services are contacted by phone and provided with
information regarding the reason for the decision.
Once the youth is accepted for services, an intake is scheduled and services begin at that time.
For those youth under age 18, a parent/legal guardian is encouraged to be at the intake and if
they are unable to be at the intake they must be available and agree to the terms of the
program and sign the required intake forms prior to the youth entering the program.
Cypress Place Street Outreach
Program & Drop-in Center
• The Street Outreach program offers support and educational programs
to runaway and homeless youth living on the streets, and to engage
those who are at risk of becoming homeless.
• Help youth find stable housing and services.
• Focus on developing relationships between outreach workers and young
people that allow them to rebuild connections with caring adults.
• The ultimate goal is to prevent the sexual exploitation and abuse of
youth on the streets
Street Outreach Services
Street-based education and outreach
Access to emergency shelter
Survival aid
Individual assessments
Treatment and counseling
Prevention and education activities
Information and referrals
Crisis intervention
Drop-in center services
Follow-up support
*Homeless, Runaway, or at risk of Running Away/Homelessness
*Ages 9-21
*Youth voluntarily receives services
At the Drop-In Center (Cypress Place in Port Huron)
*Not an active threat to self or others
*No Criminal Sexual Conduct cases
Additional services available at Cypress Place
-Laundry facilities
Referral Process – Cypress Place Drop-in
Center & Street Outreach Program
Any youth between the ages 9 through 21 who is runaway, homeless, potentially
runaway or homeless or a street youth may access drop-in center services or street
outreach services by calling The Harbor 24 hour hotline at (810) 982-8584 or simply
dropping in during drop-in center hours.
Drop-in Center service hours are:
• Thursday 3pm-8pm (Focus on Services)
• Friday 3pm-8pm (Open Hours)
• Saturday 3pm-8pm (Open Hours)
The Drop-in Center is located at 2019 10th Street, Port Huron, Michigan 48060 Phone
number: (810) 824-4835
Short-term counseling exclusive of shelter care is available at The Harbor, Wings and
Cypress Place. The referral process for counseling includes making a call to The Harbor
on the 24 hour hotline (810) 982-8584.
Right to Education
McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Program
Right to enroll in school on their own without documents
Right to attend school of origin with transportation
Right to free school meals for the remainder of the school
• Right to an education free of barriers
Sally A. Currie
Program Director - The
Harbor/Wings/Cypress Place
(810) 982-8584
Nikki Carse
Program Assistant – The
Harbor/Wings/Cypress Place
(810) 982-8584
Karen Fenech
Counselor - The Harbor
(810) 982-8584
Candice Erickson
Youth Advocate - Wings
(810) 989-9602
Jessica Miller
SOP Coordinator
(810) 824-4835
Funding Sources
We would like to acknowledge the following funding sources that support
The Harbor, Wings and Cypress Place
Department of Health and Services, Administration for Children and Families
Emergency Food and Shelter Program (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
State of Michigan – Department of Human Services
Michigan State Housing Development Authority
Port Huron Area School District – Title 1
St. Clair County Regional Education Services Agency
St. Clair County Community Foundation
United Way of St. Clair County
Private Donations and Contributions
The Harbor, Wings and Cypress Place are programs of Comprehensive Youth Services, Inc.