Roster Verification Revised 4 20 12 f

Roster Verification
Presentation to School Administrators
Spring 2012
Roster Verification (RV) Steps
Step 1: April 20 & 23
District RV Team Present Roster
Verification Process
& Assign School Coordinators
Step 5: May 21 – 25
Step 2: April 23 – May 15
District Reviews Changes and
Verifies Rosters
School RV Coordinator - Assign
users, passwords, train teachers,
assist teachers
Submit to State by May 25th
Step 4: May - 18
School RV Coordinator & Team
Review, Verify, & Submit Rosters
to District
Step 3: April 24 – ?
Teachers review rosters, propose
changes, submit rosters for review
Step 1
Overview – WHY?
Section 1012.34(8), Florida Statutes requires the State
Board of Education to establish a process to permit
instructional personnel to review the class
roster for accuracy and to correct any mistakes
relating to the identity of students for whom
the individual is responsible. To accomplish this
requirement, the Florida Department of Education (FDOE)
has created an online Roster Verification Tool to allow
districts, schools, and teachers view class rosters.
Through the tool, changes to rosters can be made and
approved as needed.
WHY is this so important ?
Step 1
• 50% of the teacher’s yearly evaluation is based on student
• Value Added Model (VAM) data is linked to FCAT 2.0 Reading
and/or Math, EOC, and to students scheduled to each teacher
in FCAT 2.0 & EOC subjects/grade levels
• Yearly Survey rosters (Survey 2 – October, Survey 3 – February)
define the students to be included in the data
• This verification is for Survey 3 ONLY – February 17, 2012 – In
the future, a similar process will be in place for teacher
verification in both October and February
• Previous years’ data is based on the data provided for Survey 2
& Survey 3, and modified information from data corrections
processes (attendance verification/FTE verification)
• There are other data sources in this first year (STAR Data, Early
Literacy, Readiness Data for PK – 3) that will use an alternative
roster verification process
WHO needs to verify rosters?
Step 1
Teachers who are assigned students through TERMS scheduling:
• Elementary School:
– 4th and 5th grade reading and/or math
– ESE Teachers only verifying 4th & 5th grade reading and/or math
• PK-3 will not need to use this tool for verification: Using Readiness, Early Literacy,
& Star Growth Data Fall 2011 & Spring 2012
• Special Area Teachers will not need to use this tool for verification: School ValueAdded Model information will serve as their data
• ALL Middle School Teachers
• ALL High School Teachers: Roster Verification information will assist
with confirmation of students for “other” data sources (AP, ACT/SAT)
Step 1
WHAT are the teachers verifying?
• This tool allows teachers the opportunity to review
and verify their class rosters as of February 17, 2012.
• The tool allows them the option of adding students
who are missing from their class roster and removing
students who were not part of their class roster if
• “Please keep in mind that this review and modification
is in regard to a teacher’s roster as of February 17,
2012. Any changes that have occurred to their roster
since February 17, 2012 should not be made with this
Step 1
HOW will this be checked?
• The school RV coordinator will verify all
changes teachers have requested to make on
their rosters.
• The school RV coordinator will then submit all
school rosters to the district RV team.
• The district RV team will then verify and
submit all rosters to DOE.
Step 1
• April 23 – Monday:
Each school will send Patrick Simon the name of an
principal or assistant principal that will be designated as
the school RV Coordinator
• April 24 - ?:
Teachers will need to verify their rosters and submit to
the school coordinator by
• May 18 – Friday:
School Coordinators will need to verify teacher rosters
and submit to the district
• May 25 – Friday:
District submits RV to DOE
Step 1
HOW do we get started?
• By April 23 – Monday
Each school selects principal or assistant principal to
be the RV coordinator and sends this contact
information to Patrick Simon:
(First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Phone, Username-Email
Address, Temporary Password – Email Address.)
• District RV team will activate each school RV
coordinator’s account and notify the school RV
coordinator how to log in and start the process with
the teachers.
– Steps are defined/explained in “School Guide”
Step 2
The School RV Coordinator & School User
• Will coordinate the process of the teachers verifying their
rosters – Two Types of School Level Logins
– School Coordinator:
• Manage Rosters & Teacher Logins
• Add Users & Other School Coordinators
• Submit Final Roster
– School User:
• Manage Rosters & Teacher Logins ONLY
• Will receive the School Guide to the Spring 2012 Florida
Department of Education Roster Verification Tool for step by
step directions on this process; guide and assist teachers
• Select other staff to be on the school RV Team that is
knowledgeable of the master schedule to address changes
noted by teachers.
(Registrars, Data Secretaries, TOSA, Guidance Counselors)
Step 2
What the School Coordinator Will See:
Step 2
Collaborative Approaches
Options (school based):
Collaborative Teams of Teachers Bring Laptops in
Areas That Have Internet Access:
• Faculty Meetings
• Before or after school
• Planning Periods
• District RV Team assistance
• Other
Step 2
How To Start RV Process With Teachers
• RV school team can refer to details of each
step in this guide:
Teacher Login
Step 2
• The school RV Coordinator will need to notify each
teacher of website and login process
• Direct the teachers to the site:
• Their temporary logins will be:
• Long-term substitutes will NOT verify rosters; this will
be done by School Coordinator or School User
Their full Citrus County email
Same as user name
Step 3
Teacher Login
• Once they log in with the temporary username
and password, they will be prompted to change
their password
• First Step: Select “Class Rosters”
Step 3
Teacher Resources
• There is a teacher guide available from the
DOE that has step by step directions detailing
the process the teachers use to verify their
rosters online
• This guide will be sent to each principal,
School RV Coordinator, it can be accessed
from your school RNA share folder, or teachers
can access it when they log in to the RV Tool
Step 3
Teacher View
• Once logged in, teachers will be able to view
(or print) their rosters.
Step 3
Teacher View
• Teachers will be able to add or delete a student and
make comments pertaining to this change
Step 3
Teacher Roster Verifying Process
• Once teachers have completed making the
additions, deletions, and comments on a roster,
they click the “save comments and removal
checks” button at the bottom of the roster .
• They can also click on “verify” and they will still
be able to make changes.
• Please keep in mind that this review and
modification is in regard to a teacher’s roster as of
February 17, 2012. Any changes that have occurred
to their roster since February 17, 2012 should not be
made with this tool.
Step 3
Teachers - Submit Complete Rosters
• Once they have reviewed all their rosters and
made the necessary changes, they click the
“Submit Complete Rosters” from the main
menu to submit the rosters and complete the
• All changes made by the teacher still must be
approved by the school and/or district.
Teacher Roster Submission
Step 3
• Clicking the "Submit" button on this page will send
notice to the school coordinator that the teacher has
completed the roster verification process.
• This will also close teacher access to the rosters and
they will no longer be able to make changes. If they
need access re-opened they must contact the school
coordinator whose information is provided at the
bottom of each web page in the tool.
• Upon successful submission, the teacher will be asked
if they would like to complete an anonymous survey to
provide feedback on the roster verification tool.
School Roster Verification
Step 4
• School coordinator and team review all rosters
to review proposed changes.
• This process can include viewing all rosters, or
just the rosters that have proposed changes
and comments.
• Refer to the detailed steps on school review
on pages 4-5 of the:
• By May 18 submit roster verification to district
– district automatically notified
Support & Questions
• TERMS & Scheduling:
– Steve Chamblin, extension 5942
– Joanie Holloway, extension 5938
– Email: IS HELP
• Roster Verification Tool:
– Patrick Simon, extension 2237
– Bob Brust, extension 2244
– Karen Stofcheck, extension 2229