The MSA Planning Team? - QSI International School of Shenzhen

Accreditation for Growth at the
QSI International School of Shenzhen
• What is Accreditation? --- MSA? --- The MSA Planning Team?
• QSI Shenzhen School Improvement Plan
• MSA Standards
• MSA Validation Team Visit
• Where to find Information
What is Accreditation?
• “A Quality Seal”
• Verifies the educational program of the school and
provides additional validity to school diplomas,
transcripts, etc.
• Provides accountability between the accredited
school and the community it serves.
• The U.S. Department of Education describes MSA as
“a reliable authority as to the quality of education”.
What is MSA?
• Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools
• Established in 1887 – Based in Philadelphia
• Non-profit organization which provides accredited
status to schools.
• Recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as
one of the six regional accreditation organizations
• QSI Shenzhen has maintained its accreditation
through MSA since December of 2006.
Accreditation for Growth (AFG)
(our accreditation protocol)
• Demands that the school create a vision of a
preferred future and put the systems in place to
realize this future.
• Requires a culture of continuous school improvement
planning and reflection.
• Focuses on the output of student performance rather
than the inputs of facilities, programs, and services.
• Requires that the school creates a multi-year school
improvement plan which is developed by the
MSA Planning Team
A group of community members who volunteer to drive the
school’s improvement efforts and as well as maintain the
school’s accreditation through MSA.
Currently made up of 14 teachers and administrators which
represent all QSI Shenzhen campuses.
• Recent responsibilities of the team.
• Developing the Student Performance goals for the 2014-2021
accreditation cycle.
• Overseeing the development of the Action Plans which will help the
school reach its goals by 2021.
• Surveying the school community regarding the 12 MSA Standards and
making improvements based upon the results.
• Developing the final report for the MSA visiting team.
Who is on the MSA Planning Team?
Main Campus
Eric Anfinson
Alfred Armstrong
Cheri Carpenter
Greg Sedmak
Scott Carpenter
Jenny Sedmak
Past Members
Paul Freemont
Cliff Geis-Poage
Jason Hall
Mark Hemphill
Antonio Morales
Lariska Muurling
Scott D’Alterio
Lisa Kipfer
Melissa Klopfer
Matt Matterson
J.C. Sanders
Lori D’Alterio
Johanna Means
Kathy Thompson
Student Performance Objectives
Students will
writing skills.
Students will
Measuring Progress Towards
Student Performance Objectives
MAP Language
Usage Assessment
CHEAKS survey
Writing prompt.
Community Service
Environmental Club
(twice per year)
12 MSA Standards
Research-based best practices for schools which must be
implemented by accredited schools.
Standard 1: Philosophy & Mission
Standard 7: Health & Safety
Standard 2: Governance & Leadership
Standard 8: Educational Program
Standard 3: School Improvement
Standard 9: Assessment & Evidence
of Student Learning
Standard 4: Finances
Standard 10: Student Services
Standard 5: Facilities
Standard 11: Student Life & Activities
Standard 6: School Climate &
Standard 12: Information Resources
and Technology
MSA Validation Team Visit
May 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th (Monday – Thursday)
• WHO:
A group of 5 educational leaders sent by MSA from
international schools throughout the world.
A comprehensive review of the school’s proficiency in the
12 MSA Standards
A review of the school’s planning efforts over the course of the
previous accreditation cycle.
Observations of classrooms & interviews of parents, students,
and school staff.
All QSI Shenzhen campuses
• WHY:
To make a recommendation to MSA regarding our
reaccreditation. (reaccreditation would be granted in December)
MSA Validation Team Visit
May 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th (Monday – Thursday)
• What do you know about the school’s strategic plan?
• How did parents participate in the development of the strategic plan?
• What are your children’s attitudes about school?
• How is the communication between the school and you?
• Do you feel comfortable coming into the school? Speaking with the administration?
• What are the greatest strengths of the school? The weaknesses?
• If you could change anything, what would it be?
• Why did you select this school for your child?
• How would you describe the atmosphere of the school?
Want Information About Accreditation?
• Check the weekly director’s newsletter for MSA-related updates.
• Visit the MSA section of the school website.
• Ask one of the Planning Team representatives from your child’s
• E-mail Jenny & Alfred
• Volunteer as a member of the MSA Planning Team.