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Methion Ltd
Methion MSA Technology – The 21st Century Gas to
Liquid Technology
Presented by:
Scott A. Mangis
Marketing and Business Development
Methion Ltd
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Scope of Presentation:
About the inventor and his concept,
 An overview of the technology,
 Where Methion Ltd is today,
 Methion tomorrow
Alan K. Richards
Radical pathways for direct conversion
of associated gas to liquid
Flared Associated Gas
Increased Thermal
Methion MSA Technology –
Nearly 90% of the BTU content from
the methane is in the end product
Increased Carbon
Methion MSA Technology Virtually no CO2 or CO detected in the MSA in the
reactor or in the end product DME
Direct Conversion of
Methane to DME
An elegant, efficient and high yielding
chemical reaction
Methane to
Radical Initiator
Methanol and Sulfur
DME and Potable
Closing the Loop
SO₂ to SO₃
MSA Radicals
Methyl Radicals
Direct Conversion of Methane to
An elegant, efficient
and high-yielding
chemical reaction
Methion Today
No debt
 Internally financed
 De-risking the technology
Our Immediate Goal
Our Potential Market
Flared or Re-injected Associated Gas
 Landfills and Coal Bed Methane
 Shut-in Natural Gas Fields
Focusing on Flares
Environmental Sense
 Economic Sense
The Value of a Flare
Methion Tomorrow…
The unknown, unknowns
Strategic Partnerships
DME applications, marketing and distribution
 Capturing carbon credits
 And…
For Instance:
A closer look at a typical Nigerian land
Flared Associated Gas Stream –
4,000 mcf/day
44,000 gallons per day
of DME
262 tons of CO₂
eliminated per day
What Are the Possibilities?
Localized DME production from a flare
 Financed by carbon credits
 Distributing DME directly to the market
 Creating a market for DME applications
A new elegant, efficient and economical
solution to an old global problem
Invitation to Participate
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