AMSA Callout - Purdue AMSA

What is AMSA?
What does AMSA offer YOU?
• Our goal is to turn YOU into a competitive
medical school applicant
• How?
– MCAT Resources
– Mentorship Program (with current Med students)
– Volunteering Opportunities
– Networking Opportunities
– Class Resources
MCAT Resouces
• Discounted Kaplan MCAT prep program for
AMSA members
• Free practice tests
• Kaplan Course auctions (AMSA only)
• Seminars on tips and strategies
• Connections with upper-classmen who have
already taken the MCAT
Mentorship Program
• Junior and Senior AMSA members receive a
student mentor from IU School of Medicine
West Lafayette
– The Med student is there to help you
• Under-classmen have access to older
members for help in classes
Volunteer Opportunities
• Purdue AMSA is working closely with several
local organizations to provide members with
volunteer opportunities
– Food Finders Food Bank
– Mobile Pantry
– Local Soup Kitchen
– Free clinic (in the works)
• Upper-classmen can also be a resource for
other volunteer opportunities
Why Volunteer?
• 8% of med school applicants with 3.8-4.0 GPA
and MCAT of 39-45 were TURNED DOWN
because of a lack of volunteer work*
• 18% of applicants with a 3.2-3.4 GPA and MCAT
of 24-26 were accepted because of extracurricular work*
• Medical Schools want volunteer experience
*recent study by Association of American Medical Colleges
We can help your GPA
• Older members of AMSA have taken the same
classes you are taking
• We have notes, tests and quizzes and are
willing to help guide younger members
through pre-med classes
Networking Opportunities
• Through our events and meetings, AMSA
members have the opportunity to meet and
network with current physicians, as well as
Directors from a handful of Medical Colleges
– Mark Bauman, MD IU School of Medicine
– Josh Mugele, MD Ebola Expert
– Directors from IU School of Medicine and Marian
College of Medicine
Upcoming Events
Other Events this Year
Affordable Care Act seminar
Talk from Ebola Expert, Dr. Josh Mugele
Indianapolis Colts team physician, Dr. Tom Klootwyk
All Member Meetings with Guest Physicians from all
different practices
• Associate Director of Admissions, IU School of
Medicine, Renee Akins
• MCAT 2015 speakers
• Meet and greet with current medical students
What makes AMSA different?
• We are a NATIONAL organization
National conferences
Recognized by all medical schools
Networking opportunities
Annual AMSA convention
Scholarship Potential
• We focus on making your medical school
application more competitive
• We know what it takes to get into medical school,
and we can help you get there
• One time $75 fee to AMSA National to be a
member for 5 years
– This carries over into Medical School
• Only $20 per semester for our chapter
– Most likely will decrease as our fundraising efforts
How to join
• Pay your local dues before Sept 25th and
provide proof of national membership
• Join our boilerlink page
• You will be enrolled in our point system to
make sure you stay an active member
Social Media
• Follow us on social media
– Facebook Purdue AMSA
– Twitter @PurdueAMSA
• Visit our website