Hindsight`s 20:20 …what I wish I knew - Seattle

Welcome to UW AMSA
October 13, 2010
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Meet the Officers
 Catherine Hennessey (President)
 Senior, Biology (General) & B H Minor
 Emily Jones (Executive Vice President)
 Senio, CMD Biology, Latin American Studies
and Diversity Minor
Meet the Officers
 Angela Kim (VP of Advocacy/Education)
 Senior, CMD Biology & Economics
 Mara Hazeltine (VP of
 Senior, Psychology
Meet the Officers
 Elroy An (VP of Public Relations)
 Junior, Biochemistry
 Dennis Sorta (VP of Public Relations)
 Junior, Biochemistry Major and Minor in
Bioethics and Humanities
Meet the Officers
 Teagan Thorson (VP of Activities)
 Senior, Major: CMD Biology, Minor: Swedish
 Kris Levine (VP of Activities)
 Junior, Biology (Physiology)
Meet the Officers
 Consuelo Olivas (Treasurer and VP of
 Senior, CMD Biology & Music (Minor)
 Shelby Parkin (Secretary and Webmaster)
 Sophomore, Pre-pharmacy
UW Pre-med. Advisors
 Heather Clineschmidt (Lead
Academic Counselor)
 Pre-med. specialty
 Ann Trail (Lead Academic
 Pre-med.
What is AMSA?
“This organization will strive to
encourage and educate students
and non-students alike focused on
the topics of international health
concerns and fundamental aspects
of the medical institution itself.”
 Regular Meetings & Activities
 Advocacy, Current Events & Ethics
Fall Quarter Schedule
 AMSA/MAPS Single Payer Discussion
+ TFA Event
 October 20th 4:00 - 5:00; 5-6:20 in SMI 120.
 Kaplan National Practice Test
 October 23rd
 Pre-health Affair (Semi-formal social
 November 5th 8-11PM Walker Ames
 Medical Student Panel
 November 10th
 AMSA/SHC/Kaplan Suture Clinic
Why join AMSA?
 National Membership ($75 for 5
 Financial (Bank of America)
 Test Prep &Travel (Hotel/Car
Rental/Kaplan Discounts)
 Books, Equipment & Publications
 Insurance & Medical
 New Physician Subscription
 Learn more at:
Why Join AMSA?
 Local Membership ($25)
 Access to professors/doctors
 Hands on activities (casting/suture
 Increase awareness about the medical
 Mentorship/networking
 Reduced cost
 AMSA Gear: t-shirt, mug, pens!
 Great new website: amsauw.com
Membership Expectations
 Members “in good standing” are
expected to attend 3 meetings per
Hindsight is 20-20:
What I Wish I knew
By the AMSA Officers
Adapted from Mayme Marshall
You will leave tonight…
 Proactive Plan of Action: Walk the Walk
 Study Strategies & Suggestions
(that really work!)
 The Improved Pre-med Mentality
 Advice to help you make the most of
your pre-med experience
Part 1: Walking the Premed Walk
“We must have
perseverance and
above all confidence
in ourselves. We
must believe that we
are gifted for
something and that
this thing must be
~Madame Marie Curie
Claim/Support System
 “I just want to help people”
Weak Claim, Strong Support
Treating patients in
Clinical experience
I just want to help
Helping homeless
Why Volunteer?
Exposure to medical field
Reinforces motivation
Claim  I enjoy clinical work.
Support  Lots of time in the
…Because you don’t already
have enough on your plate!
How to Volunteer…
Use your passions as your guide
Off the beaten path
 Volunteermatch.org
 Idealist.org
 Studentdoctor.net
 MedSchoolCountdown.com
 Student Health Consortium
 http://health.asuw.org/clubs.php
 Summer Medical and Dental Education
 smdep.org
 Medical Missions
Healthcare in a Developing Nation
Catherine in Costa Rica
. …
Claim  I want to pursue research
and advance medicine!
Support  Research background
Claim  Patient care is right for me,
not academic medicine
Support  Research background (or understand self)
More Research
 Is research essential?
 How do I get in a lab?
 Don’t hesitate to email professors
 Look at department faculty profiles
 Be choosy!
 Be patient
 UW Undergraduate Research Program
 www.washington.edu/research/urp/students/atuw.html
Financial Aid
 Do NOT blindly accept
 Medical schools will ask
about scholarships
 Apply for Scholarships
 www.washington.edu/stude
 Mary Gates
Research/Leadership Grant
An Alternative to Science
C LIT 350
PHIL 242
SOC 214
ESRM 100
 CHID 110
 SPHSC 100
LING 200
CHID 250
CHID 205
CLAS 205
Music history 120, 162, 331
Ethnomusicology 316, 317, 318
499 credit
Study Abroad
…take a class of special interest to you
Part 2:
Study Strategies &
“…I wanted to learn,
to change,
to improve!”
~Marilyn Monroe
Study Strategies
Use Study Centers (Math, Chem, CLUE)
Study Groups
Start Webassign the day it is assigned
Explore CHEM webpage for old exams
Use accompanying textbook CD/Youtube
Flashcards- every night, even at the IMA!
If you don’t need a computer- don’t bring it
Make time for sleep!
Choose a location wisely!
 Need to memorize biochem. Pathways? Grab a
whiteboard in Odegaard or Allen Libraries
Suggestions for Success
 Prepare yourself for lecture
 Sit in the same seat each day in lecture
 Don’t substitute podcasts for going to
 Know when you need to withdraw
 Be your own advocate!
 Make friends with your TA’s and
Professor- they grade you!
 Reduce test anxiety
 Study far in advance
 Upward trajectory…
Need a Little Help…
• WiSE: Women in Science Engineering
• MSEP: Minority Scholars Engineering
• Instructional Center (IC)
• Tri-Beta & Free Radicals
• AED Mentorship Program
• PreHealth Advising:
• Gateway Center (Time Management/Stress
Part 3: The “Premed” Mindset
“And will you
succeed? Yes
indeed, yes
and threequarters
~Dr. Seuss
Your Worst Enemy?
 We are ALL human
 Positive Self-Talk
 Accept the Challenge & Commit
 But… It’s not fair!
 Remind yourself to be thankful
 The “Curve” Mentality
…just keep on swimming!
Seek Inspiration
 Literature
Mountains Beyond Mountains
Think and Grow Rich
Awaken the Giant Within
How to Win Friends &
Influence People
 Walk through the UWSOM
 Talk to people who have
done it!
 Make science fun
Expanding ALL Sides
Be a Complete Applicant
Find a hobby
Experimental College
IMA Swimming
Salsa Dancing
Go to Husky games
Take time for yourself
Go on Seattle excursions
Eat, sleep & be merry
Don’t resent your education
University of Washington
School of Medicine
 Study Abroad
 Coursework
 Exposure to Medicine
 The good and bad
Personal Statement
Selection Factors
 Average GPA: 3.70
 Mean MCAT: 10.33
Part 4:
Suggestions, Hints, Tips, Pointers,
Words of Wisdom
“Wisdom is not a
product of
schooling but of
the lifelong
attempt to
acquire it”
Albert Einstein
An Alternative to Odegaard
Best Places to Study
 Gallagher Law Library
 Odegaard Study Rooms
 Foster Business Library
 Physics Library
 Mechanical Engineering Commons
 Henry Art Gallery Café
 Tully’s
 Balmer Classrooms
Make Your Life Easier
Bagley Lockers
Make a private blog
Update your resume
Discover your
organization style
 Discover your learning
 Brainstorm quarterly goals
 Meet with Adviser
 Say NO, but don’t take
NO for an answer
 Be informed