CACFP Training for After School Programs

CACFP Training for
After School Programs
CACFP Participation
•Improve quality of food
•Training opportunities
Organization Eligibility
Public, non-profit, for- profit organizations are
eligible for at risk
Out of School Time Eligibility
•Operates during non school hours
•Operates on a regular basis
•Provides structured activities
•Licensed to operate, if required
Licensing is not required in New York State for
afterschool programs serving only 13 -19 year
Programs that provide care to children under the
age of 13 need to verify with their licensing
agency if the program is required to be
At Risk Component
Traditional CACFP provides reimbursement for
children up until their 13th birthday
At Risk provides reimbursement for children up
until their 19th birthday
At Risk
At Risk provides reimbursement for a snack
and/or supper at the free rate in low income
Income eligibility applications are not required
Meal Service
On school days at risk snacks and suppers must
be served after the school day has ended and
prior to midnight that day
On weekends, holidays and school breaks,
snacks and suppers may be served at any time
of the day
How does CACFP define a low income
An area is considered to be low income if it is
served by a public school (elementary, middle or
high school) in which 50% or more of the
children enrolled are eligible for free or reduced
price school meals
CACFP Participation for Teen Programs
(age 13-19)
•Must be located in an eligible low income area
•Teens must be enrolled in and attend school
•Operate during non-school hours
•Operate on a regular basis
•Provide educational or enrichment activity
Centers serving 13-19 year olds can
At Risk PM Snack
At Risk Supper
After the school day ends
Only during the school year – September through June
Cannot claim 13-19 year olds at all during the summer
Reimbursement at the free rate, no income eligibility applications
Is my afterschool center for 5-12 year olds
eligible to receive AR reimbursement?
Located in eligible low income area
Eligible for AR snack and/or
AR supper
No income applications
Not eligible for AR snack or
AR supper
Need income eligibility
At Risk Centers serving 6-12 year olds
can claim:
At Risk PM Snack
At Risk Supper
After the school day ends
Only during the school year – September through June
Reimbursement at the free rate, no income eligibility applications
Select two of the following:
1 ounce meat or meat alternate
► 1 slice bread or 1/2 cup grain
3/4 cup (6 ounces) fruit and/or vegetable or juice
► 1 cup ( 8 ounces) milk
1 cup ( 8 ounces) milk
3/4 cup total of vegetables and/or fruits
(must serve at least two different types)
1 slice grain/bread
2 ounces of meat/meat alternate
Healthy Snack Ideas
Eligible meals for all 6-12 year olds
Programs may also claim:
Breakfast served before school
Two snacks and a meal or two meals and a snack
during the summer and school vacationsdepending on the number of hours children are there
Reimbursement Rates
Current reimbursement rates for at risk are :
$.74 per snack
$ 2.92 per supper ( includes cash-in-lieu)
Recordkeeping Requirements
For all centers:
Daily attendance
Meal counts
Food receipts and other documents of food service
Documentation showing compliance with meal pattern
Keep records four years
Income applications - required for centers that are not at risk or
that are at risk, but also serve breakfast or lunch
Organizing your records
Use a file box or cabinet to store your records
 Purchase folders or envelopes
 Keep attendance and meal counts in a folder
 Keep all food service receipts or invoices in a file
or envelope by the month of purchase or
 File all your menus/food production records in
another folder
 Keep copies of your claims in another folder
Completion of the Claim Form
Required when more than one center is
 Three times per year
 Two of the reviews must be unannounced, one
review must include meal service observation
 Less than six months between reviews
Provide annual training to key staff on CACFP
Keep records of when the training was done,
what topics were covered, and names of staff
who attended
Topics for CACFP Training
CACFP Meal Patterns
 Meal counts
 Record Keeping Requirements
 Claims Submission
 Claim Review Procedures
 Reimbursement
To apply for a center currently in
1) Notify CACFP of intent to add at risk
2) Provide CACFP with the qualifying school for
area eligibility and
3) Submit one week of menus if not currently
approved for snack and/or supper
To apply for a new center
Complete an Application for Participation for
Child Care Centers (DOH 3682) for children up
to age 13. Include the school age registration if
Complete the Application for Participation of At
Risk Centers (DOH 4514) for children 13- 19
years of age.
At risk extends benefits for children up to their
19th birthday in eligible areas.
School year - Sept - June, school and nonschool days
Reimbursement at the free rate for snack and/or
Reduces paperwork
Contact Information
150 Broadway 6th Floor West
Albany, NY 12204-2719
Metro: 212-417-4788
Buffalo: 716-847-4503
Rochester: 525-423-8106