Donate to Educate

Our specialist subject is education.
• 14,000 schools, colleges and universities
are already using BT technology.
• Investing in the future of education through our
Digital Champions and IT Ambassadors initiatives.
• Developing innovative products specifically
for education.
The skills students require to access the modern world are
becoming more complex each day, with the need for them to
be flexible and have the ability to learn and re-learn being key.
We believe that we have a responsibility to prepare students
to play their part in the global economy by enabling access
to learning technology anytime and anywhere, so they can
reach their full potential.
For several years the way lessons are taught have been
changing, moving towards teachers supporting independent
learning of knowledge, skills and abilities, in dynamic and
engaging lessons.
Donate to Educate is a partnership between you and your
pupils’ parents, giving them the opportunity to help change
how technology is used and provided in the classroom.
No cost to the school or college.
Introduce new technology into the classroom.
Fully managed D2E portal.
Cash neutral operating lease.
Residual value purchase built in.
Misappropriation and GAP insurance.
Dedicated account management.
No hidden costs.
Fully managed parental donation collection.
Advice on current infrastructure.
Up to 26% cheaper than high street prices.
No credit checks or upfront costs for parents.
Simple payments by direct debit.
Preferential pricing and priority delivery.
Total peace of mind package:
- Fully insured with extended warranty.
- Protective case.
• Ownership at the end of term.
• No hidden costs.
• Cost effective access to the latest technology.
For more information and a 1:1 discussion about
Donate to Educate, please speak with one of the
BT Education team now or please contact us on:
Twitter: @educationBT
0800 032 7977