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Light Their Way
February 7, 2013
Class of 2005
Varsity Swimming, University of Connecticut
Varsity Swim Captain at UCONN
Big East Conference, Academic All- American
“SCCS helped me prepare for the
next step in life by providing me
with the knowledge and skills to
succeed by having faith in myself
and God.”
~Jordan Bowen
Class of 2011
Vice President of SAHS Spanish Club
Varsity Tennis
Student of the Month
“St. Croix Catholic molds
students into respectful,
well-mannered and morally
confident leaders who are
prepared to take on the
challenges of life.”
~Matt Treacy
Class of 2006
Business Administration, University of WI - Stout
Bosch Packaging
Earned over 3.5 GPA & early graduation, while working nearly full-time
“SCCS provided me with a strong
foundation, influenced my
morals and ethics, and instilled
in me self-motivation, a strong
work ethic, and leadership skills.”
~Laura Fioritto
Class of 2008
Hill-Murray Graduating Class of 2012, Salutatorian
Freshman Scholar
President of
“St. Croix Catholic School gave
me a strong foundation both
academically and spiritually to
succeed in school and to stand
up for what I know is right.”
~Hannah Smith
Class of 2012
Eagle Award 9th Grade-Spanish II
High Honor Roll
National Junior Honor Society-9th Grade
“SCCS prepared me for high
school by setting high academic
standards. My 9th grade
geography teacher told me I went
‘above and beyond’ on a project
that I considered ‘normal’ work
at St. Croix Catholic.”
~Matthew Crea
Class of 2007
UWRF Concert Choir and Lumina Cantorum
Volunteer for St. Bridget's Faith Formation
UWRF Catholic Newman Club, Secretary
“SCCS established a strong
foundation of the Church's
teachings and a love for the
Mass, which I eagerly share with
my peers and the youth that
I teach at Faith Formation.”
~Anna Romportl
Class of 2008
University of MN-Carlson School of Management
Stillwater High
School Varsity
Football & Baseball
Academic All-State & All-State Football Game
“St. Croix Catholic provided me
with a strong and meaningful
base for both my spiritual
journey and for my education in
high school and college.”
~Zachary Krenz
Class of 2012
Knights of Columbus Essay Winner
American Legion Award
National Junior Honor Society
“St. Croix Catholic School has
given me confidence in my faith
and in myself, and a strong set of
values that will help me handle
anything that life throws
my way.”
~Molly Frisch
Class of 2010
SAHS Academic Letter and High Honor Roll
National Leadership
& Development
Volleyball, 5th-10th
Basketball, 5th – present (11th)
“St. Croix Catholic has prepared
me for future years by giving me
knowledge and a solid
foundation so that I can live my
life as an image of God, as well as
being a strong, independent
~Maggie Ogren
Class of 2009
Stillwater Pony Baseball Captain
Vagabonds and Concert Choir
World Youth Day Pilgrimage, Madrid, Spain 2011
“Through Catholic values,
SCCS helped me to develop
leadership skills, which I’ve used
through sports, music, and
~Aaron Romportl
Class of 2008
Marquette University Honors Program
National Merit
Graduated with Honors from SAHS
“St. Croix Catholic's education
programs helped me establish a
standard of excellence and hard
work that I've kept up to
this day.”
~Rachel Landsem
Class of 2006
Attending USMA at West Point and Playing D1 hockey
Magna Cum Laude
from Hill-Murray
High School
3 years of varsity
baseball & hockey
Dean's List Fall Semester & 2-time Atlantic Hockey "Rookie of the Week”
“The course-work, discipline and
high expectations of SCCS
prepared me well for high school
and have definitely contributed
to my achievements.”
~Willie Rossini Faust
Class of 2006
Dean's List, University of Notre Dame
Advanced Placement Scholar
Yale Book Award
“St. Croix Catholic provided me
with a solid foundation for my
education, both academically
and spiritually, which has
continued to benefit me
throughout the years.”
~Sarah Burt
Class of 2007
Varsity Swimming, University of Notre Dame
National Honor Society
Stillwater Area High School
Minnesota Athlete of the Year in 2009 & 2010, Stillwater Area High School
“The learning environment that I
experienced at St. Croix Catholic
School was encouraging,
supportive and accommodating
to the specific areas that I
struggled with, which shaped me
into the confident and
well-rounded student
that I am today.”
~Hannah Bowen
Class of 2012
National Junior Honor Society
High Honor Roll
National Dance Competition Award
“Being at St. Croix Catholic
helped me in my years to come
because it has taught me to
become a good leader, how to
become a better student and
prepared me for my years of high
school, and gave me strong
Christian values.”
~Sarah Ogren
Class of 2003
Business degree, St. Norbert College
Outside Sales Rep
for large industrial
Studied Abroad in Florence, Italy
“SCCS instilled great
organizational skills, which are
needed for success in high
school, college, and career.”
~Tom Fioritto
Class of 2007
Hill-Murray High School: Graduated Magna Cum Laude
Varsity Hockey
Letter Winner
Chosen as a Peer
Silver Service
Dean's List
Mentor 1st year
College of St. Scholastica: Awarded Benedictine Scholarship
“My time spent at SCCS formed
my love of learning and
encouraged me to develop not
only as an individual, but as a
positive member of my
~Saydie Long
Class of 2011
4.0 GPA
Varsity Tennis
Tutor for children at East Metro Women's Center
“SCCS truly prepared me
academically and socially for
success in high school.”
~Brian Treacy
Class of 2007
Swimmer (14 years) SCSC, Stillwater High School, University of St. Thomas
Dean's List,
University of
St. Thomas
Research Assistant, University of St. Thomas
“St. Croix Catholic School
allowed me to develop a sense of
self reflection at an early age that
allowed me to subjectively
analyze my everyday actions and
to grow as an individual.”
~Meghan Talbot
Class of 2000
Advocate for life
House Manager of Peace House
Social Worker
“My education at St. Croix
Catholic served as a foundation
of spirituality, character, and
intellect from which I have
continued to build into my adult
life. I am grateful for those whose
sacrifices made this education
~Emily Stevens