Grade 8 to 9 Articulation

Summit Middle School
Which School?
• Assigned school based on student’s current
address in our system; proof required to change
address through Summit office; see “Funding
Eligibility Checklist” under publications on website
• Boundaries determined by school board
• Not sure which school is yours? See letter that
went home on Dec 16th (or check address on
school locator on district website)
• **Regardless of cross catchment requests or
future plans to move, student must follow all
steps for assigned school only—honours testing
results will be transferred if you change
schools later, and you will complete a new
course selection form with the new school. Only
exception is if the sibling clause applies
Sibling Clause
• If grade 8 student has a sibling at a non-catchment school
already, AND that sibling will still be there in September,
AND the grade 8 student wishes to attend that school:
• Then the grade 8 student may attend that school for tours
and testing etc. and complete a course selection form for
that school
• BUT we need to know who these grade 8 students are to
get our lists right! A “Summit Sibling Declaration” form
may be obtained from the counsellor or core teacher to
take home for completion. It must be returned to the
counsellor by Monday, January 19th!!
Cross Catchment Requests
• Applications available at at 9 am
on Feb 6th; closes on Feb 18th at 4:30 pm
• all requests go to the board electronically or
delivered in person
• First come, First served for available spaces
• Some schools will be “closed” and not able to
accept cross catchment requests (will be listed on
SD43 website in early Feb)
Cross Catchment Timelines
• Application forms can be downloaded from district
website starting Feb. 6th at 9:00 am, hard copy is
also available from Summit office
• Forms are submitted directly to Board office, up
to February 18th at 4:30 pm--online or in person
• Submitting an application does NOT mean you
are accepted! Decisions are made after the
closing date, based on available space; then
accepted families are notified by email in week of
March 2nd – March 6th; appeals can be made in
writing, directly to the district
• You may withdraw application prior to the closing
date; after Feb 18th you are committed to
accepting a spot if it is offered
Transitions & Adjustments
• Students will tour their assigned or sibling school
in small groups, with older students involved as
tour leaders and hosts (afternoon of Feb 5th)
• Students meet with counsellors from assigned or
sibling school re: available activities, daily life,
support, timetable, electives, course selection etc.
(Feb 12th here at Summit, course selection forms
due back to core teacher by Feb 16th)
• Parents may attend evening information sessions
at assigned or sibling school, and desired school
if considering a cross catchment request
(Heritage Jan 13th, Gleneagle Jan 14th, Pinetree
Jan 15th—all begin at 7 p.m.)
Transitions & Adjustments
• Secondary school counsellors meet with grade 8
teachers to discuss each individual student
• Secondary ESL teachers obtain current testing
results and arrange gr. 9 timetable; re-test in
August and adjust courses if necessary
• IEP’s are forwarded to student services teachers
at secondary schools. Scheduled meetings are
held for the high school and middle school
student services teachers to meet and discuss
each student in detail, and plan appropriate
timetables and support classes
• All students attend an orientation session in late
August or first week of September at new
secondary school
Honours Courses
• Available in various subjects at every secondary school
• Heritage: Math (9/10 Accelerated)—test required,
English—self selected, with teacher recommendation
Pinetree: Math, Science, Humanities—tests required
Gleneagle: Math, Science, English, Socials—no tests
required; students will self-select during course selection
and teachers will indicate support or not on the form
If there is a test required (on Feb 5th before or after tour),
student may ONLY test at their assigned or sibling school
Test results (if applicable), teacher reference forms, and
consultation with gr. 8 teachers determines who is
may apply in grade 10 or 11,whether done in grade 9 or
not (if not accepted now or if choosing not to apply for
grade 9)
Honours Courses/AP… cont’d
• Purpose of honours is to provide challenge, faster
pacing, more in-depth learning for students who are
very strong in that subject and wanting enrichment
• Does not impact university applications; does not
show on transcript as an honours course; is not
required for entry into AP (Advanced Placement)
courses in grade 12.
• Various AP 12 courses offered at all high schools, are
self-selected for individual subjects, based on
availability and student strength, done in grade 12,
potential credit for 1st year university course
dependent on exam score, more widely known in
North America than elsewhere
District Programs
• Inquiry Hub—Millside Centre for gr 9-12. See district
website under “programs” for more details; community &
global issues, environmental sustainability, media arts and
design themes, learning through technology. Info session
is 6:30 pm on Thursday January 15th at Millside Centre
• International Baccalaureate—Port Moody Secondary (the
full diploma program starts in gr. 11 but intake is done in
grade 9, although you can also apply next year to enter in
grade 10, space permitting); application packages
available at the IB info session or Port Moody office.
Whole diploma program, rather than subject by subject,
with additional components such as 150 required hours
for CAS, in depth essay in grade 12, and Theory of
Knowledge course
Dates to Know!!
• District Programs:
• Inquiry Hub info night is at Millside Centre,
Thursday January 15th at 6:30 pm
• IB Program info sessions about IB are Jan 5th and
again on Jan 7th at 7 pm (choose just one date!)
at Port Moody Secondary School
• General info session for Port Moody Secondary
School is Jan 21st at 7 p.m.
District Dates cont’d
• Thursday January 22nd I.B. applications due to Port
Moody office by 4:00 p.m.
• Sat. Jan 24th I.B. testing session (8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.)
at Port Moody Secondary. Must bring photo I.D.
Catchment Secondary School Dates….
• Parent information evenings:
• Heritage Tues. Jan 13th (7:00 p.m.)
• Gleneagle Wed. Jan 14th (7:00 p.m.)
• Pinetree Thurs. Jan 15th (7:00 p.m.)—tours at 6:15 pm
• Thurs Feb 5th tours of assigned or sibling school (we will
escort students from Summit to the tours and remain with
them during the tours. At the end of the tours, students
are dismissed and are responsible for making their own
arrangements with families for getting home from the high
school tour)
• Thurs Feb 5th any required honours testing.
Heritage: Math is 2:00-3:00 pm.
Pinetree: Science 9:00-10:00 am
Pinetree: Math 10:15-11:15 am
Pinetree: Humanities 2:30-4:00 pm
more catchment school dates…
• February 12th--students meet (at Summit) with counsellors
from assigned or sibling school, receive course selection
• Feburary 16th Course Selection form for assigned school
due to core teacher
• May—high school counsellors meet with grade 8 teachers
to discuss each student’s needs, IEPs are transferred,
Student Services meetings for transition planning
• End of August—letters are mailed to students with
information about orientation, first day procedures,
timetables etc.
…and dates for other secondary schools!
• Charles Best Secondary info night Jan 15th 7 pm
• Centennial Secondary info night Jan 28th 7 pm
• Port Moody Secondary info night Jan 21st 7 pm
• Terry Fox Secondary info night Jan 20th:
• -Hockey Academy 6:00 pm
• General Program 6:30 pm
• Tours at 7:30 pm
• Riverside Secondary:
• -Honours Programs Jan 13th 7 pm
• -Hockey Academy Feb 2nd 7 pm
• -Twist High Performance Sport Conditioning Program Feb 5th 7 pm
• General Program Feb 11th 7 pm
• Technology Information 1:1 Program Feb 24th 7 pm