Progetti di Ricerca di Ateneo

International & Industrial Liaison Office
Progetti di Ricerca di Ateneo - Bando 2014/2015
Camerino 18 - 19 novembre 2014
Palazzo Ducale - Aula Allara e Grosso
martedì 18 novembre 2014
ore 9.30
Prof. Flavio Corradini Rettore Unicam
Prof. Claudio Pettinari Prorettore Vicario
Prof. Sauro Vittori Spazio Internazionale della Ricerca
Prof. Roberto Ballini Ricerca nazionale, Innovazione tecnologica, e Promozione
delle conoscenze, competenze e tecnologie
Dott. Massimo Zerani
Dopamine, stress and reproductive function
Prof. Guido Favia
Symbiosis in protozoa and insect vectors: from basic research in environmental
adaptation to applications in the control of vector borne diseases
Prof. Seyed Khosrow Tayebati
Pharmaceutical and nutritional strategies for vascular and cerebrovascular protection
Dott. Daniele Tomassoni
Obesity-related nervous system damage: searching for a suitable animal model
Dott.ssa Simonetta Boria
An EXOscheleton for disabled uSers allowing mobility (Exodus)
Dott. Fabio Del Bello
Chemical ‘swiss tools’ to treat tumors, metastates and infenctions
Dott. Augusto Amici
Toward the use of ruthenium coumpounds as ideal anticancer agents
Dott.ssa Maria Giovanna Sabbieti
A p62 /SQSTM 1-coding DNA plasmid as a bone effective anabolic agent
Dott. Diego Dal Ben
Modulators of adenosine system activity as novel therapeutic tools for the treatment
of gastrointestinal diseases
Dott.ssa Dennis Fiorini
Aevo: authentication of extra virgin oilive oil
ore 14.30
Prof. Alessandra Roncarati
Improvement of quality traits of oysters (crassotrea gigas, ostrea edulis), reared
in long-line plants and stored in closed circuit system (Oystar)
Prof. Michele Talia
Public policies for a resilient city
Prof.ssa Maria Federica Ottone
Urban genHome (urban green emphatic natural HOME)
Prof. Andrea Catorci
Climate changes, grasslands and livestock management: a multidisciplinary study
to improve the sustainable development of Apennine pastoral systems
Prof.ssa Maria Pia Gasperini
Alternative disputes resolution for an effective justice
Prof.ssa Maria Pia Paternò
Rethinking conflict and security in a global society: migration and citizenship,
new working practices, democratic caring, human rights
Prof. Federico Bellini
Audiovisual, digital and interactive communication toosl, enhance the cultural
heritage of Marche
Dott. Andrea Polini
Possible title for the project proposal: CUMP: collaborative urban mobility planning
mercoledì 19 novembre 2014
ore 10.00
Prof. Giacomo Rossi
Tlr4 overstimulation by gut microbiota associated to an immunomodulatory protocol
are potentially safe and effective new pharmacological tool ina transgenic mouse
model of alzheimer’s disease
Dott. Adolfo Maria Tambella
Non-transfusional hemo-components for tissue repair and regeneration: a modern,
topical, therapeutic approach
Dott. Francesco Nobili
Nanocomposite materials for energy and environment applications (names)
Dott.ssa Silvia Benvenuti
Unicam science outreach
Prof. Pierluigi Maponi
Forensic Unicam Laboratory (ForULab)
Dott. Fabio Conti
An information system on the flora of Italy
ore 15.00
Dott. Gabriele Giuli
Rare earth elements: from resource to waste, from waste to resource (REEWARE)
Prof. Giuseppe Ciorra
Farforfood >Foodscaoe
Prof.ssa Eleonora Paris
An archaeometrical study to investigate the monastic presence in the Marche
in the early middle-age (archaeo_mon)
Dott. Filippo Maggi
Essential oil-based formulations as innovative skin care products
Prof.ssa Chiara Invernizzi
Materials and technologies for improving the use of renewable energy in the districts
of smart city
Prof. Gilberto Pambianchi
Geoenvironmental and geoArchaelogical studies for the characterization,
enhancement and protection of the natural and anthropic Heritage in coastal areas
UNICAM, novembre 2014