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Promotional Package


1. We are Dutch architects 2. We create quality of life 3. Our country has been placed in the top 5 happiest countries in the world for many years in a row. 4. We live in the fifth largest economy in the Eurozone and are world leaders in exporting goods, services and ideas. 5. We created land where originally there was only water and designed and built cities on it, complete with roads, trains and airports 6. Where there is nothing, we design and produce functioning communities (voor en na beeld) 7. Where there is something, we improve it 8. We are resourceful and combine inventiveness with technical knowhow: both knowledge and expertise together. 9. The Dutch skies and light are unique. This why we are good at capturing light, in both buildings and environments 10. (If we do not work together, we will drown). In our struggle with the sea we learned to join our forces. That is why we involve everyone in our work. 11. We are used to living in a small space with a lot of people. This makes us specialists in creating new space, even when this does not seem possible. 12. We do not design for design's sake, we prefer a holistic approach, binding people and cities together and letting neighbourhoods flourish. 13 We are Dutch architects. We create quality of life.


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