Detailed program (pdf)

The 36 Meeting of the Norwegian Association for Economists
BI Norwegian Business School, 6-7 January 2014
Monday 6/1:
Keynote lecture 1: Espen R. Moen (BI)
Invited and contributed sessions I
Nobel lecture: Richard Priestley (BI)
Invited and contributed sessions II
Conference dinner
Hotel bar and disco (π is profits, g' > 0)
Room B1 030
Room B1 030
Room B1 030
Tuesday 7/1:
Invited and contributed sessions III
Keynote lecture 2: Per Krusell (IIES/SU)
Invited and contributed sessions IV
Coffee table: Between rooms A2 005 and A2 010
Cloak room: A2 090
Network: BI-Guest
Username: os_gjest
Password: Velkommen2014
Room B1 030
Invited and contributed sessions
(Version: 6 January 2014 at 15:43 CET)
Sessions I: Monday 13.00-15.00
Invited session: Petroleum and macroeconomics
Chair: Hilde Bjørnland
Room: B1 030
Hilde Bjørnland (BI): Boom or gloom? Examining the Dutch disease in a two-speed economy
Torfinn Harding (Univ. of Sussex): Institutions and the Location of Oil Exploration
Francesco Ravazzolo (Norges Bank): Business Cycles in Commodity Exporter Countries
Choice and welfare
Chair: Christian Brinch
A2 005
Asle Gauteplass (NTNU): Sustainable production and the ambiguous effect of discounting
Discussant: Christian Brinch
Andreas Fagereng (SSB): Asset Market Participation and Portfolio Choice over the Life-Cycle
Discussant: Asle Gauteplass
Trond E. Lunder (TMF): Did they get what they came for? Welfare migration among heterogeneous welfare
benefits in Norway
Discussant: Andreas Fagereng
Christian Brinch (BI): Time Aggregation and the Analysis of Welfare Persistence
Discussant: Trond E. Lunder
International economics and aid
Chair: Arne Wiig
A2 010
Inger Sommerfelt Ervik (UiB): Welfare Effects of Trade Policy in General Oligopolistic Equilibrium
Discussant: Arne Wiig
Hege Medin (NUPI): The reverse home market effect in exports: A cross-country study of the extensive margin of
Discussant: Inger Sommerfelt Ervik
Maren E. Bachke (UMB): Information and donations to development aid projects
Discussant: Hege Medin
Arne Wiig (CMI): Devolutionary delusions? The effect of decentralization on corruption
Discussant: Maren E. Bachke
Environmental economics no. 1
Chair: Gunnar Eskeland
A2 015
Brita Bye (SSB): Efficient measures to curb carbon leakage: What is optimal rebate level?
Discussant: Gunnar Eskeland
Caroline Wang Gierløff (UMB): Analyzing Payment for Environmental Service using Data Envelopment Analysis:
Target setting and reallocations
Discussant: Brita Bye
Gunnar Eskeland (NHH): Leadership in Climate Policy: Is there a case for Early Unilateral Unconditional Emission
Discussant: Caroline Wang Gierløff
Factors affecting achievement
Chair: Ingeborg Solli
A2 050
Øystein Hernæs (PRIO): Television and Cognitive Skills: Modern Evidence
Discussant: Ingeborg Solli
Marianne Haraldsvik (NTNU): Does the educational level of your classmates' parents matter?
Discussant: Øystein Hernæs
Ingeborg Solli (UiS): Born to run behind
Discussant: Marianne Haraldsvik
Chair: Leif Helland
A2 059
Ola Kvaløy (UiS): Hidden Benefits of Reward: A Field Experiment on Motivation and Monetary Incentives
Discussant: Leif Helland
Stein Holden (UMB): Intra-household Coordination, Cooperation and Pareto-efficiency: Lab-in-the-Field HawkDove Game Experiments
Discussant: Ola Kvaløy
Leif Helland (BI): Information, rationing, and coordination in experimental posted offer markets
Discussant: Stein Holden
Chair: Tommy Sveen
A2 095
Tord Krogh (UiO): Real wage rigidity and unemployment: Closed versus small open economy
Discussant: Tommy Sveen
Ragna Alstadheim (Norges Bank): How New Keynesian is the US Phillips Curve?
Discussant: Tord Krogh
Tommy Sveen (BI): Sectoral interdependence in small open economies
Discussant: Ragna Alstadheim
Sessions II: Monday 16.15-18.15
Invited session: The Holden III committee and wage formation
Steinar Holden (Chair)
B1 030
Steinar Holden (UiO): Wage formation and challenges for the Norwegian economy
Victoria Sparrman (SSB): The Norwegian wage formation and the effect of immigration
Bernt Bratsberg (Frisch Centre): Labour migration and the financial crisis
Industrial organisation no. 1
Chair: Bjørn Hansen
A2 005
Joakim Prestmo (SSB): Real investments and production in the offshore petroleum industry
Discussant: Bjørn Hansen
Øyvind Nilsen Aas (BI): Dispersion in retail prices
Discussant: Bjørn Hansen
Bjørn Hansen (Telenor): Spectrum policy and competition in mobile data
Discussant: Øyvind Nilsen Aas
Economics and history
Chair: Arild Sæther
A2 010
Carsten Syvertsen (HiOF): The rise and the fall of Anglo-Norwegian natural ice trade (1850-1914)-lessons learnt
and consequences for the petroleum inudstry in Norway-a creative o'mangement perspective
Discussant: Arild Sæther
Jon Reiersen (HiVE): From Conflict to Cooperation: Norwegian Labor Market Institutions in the Making
Discussant: Carsten Syvertsen
Arild Sæther (Agder Vitenskapsakademi): The entrepreneur - A lost actor that should resurrect
Discussant: Jon Reiersen
Price theory
Chair: Theis Theisen
A2 095
Teis Lunde Lømo (UiB): Resale price maintenance in two-sided markets
Discussant: Theis Theisen
Arne Rogde Gramstad (UiO): Piracy in Commercial vs. Open Source Software Competition
Discussant: Teis Lunde Lømo
Theis Theisen (UiA): Efficiency and justice in the market for cooperative dwellings
Discussant: Arne Rogde Gramstad
Econometrics and forecasting
Chair: Olvar Bergland
A2 050
Håvard Hungnes (SSB): Equivalent formulations in co-fractional systems and the implication for the co-fractional
rank test
Discussant: Claudia Foroni
Claudia Foroni (Norges Bank): Density forecasts with MIDAS models
Discussant: Håvard Hungnes
Leif Anders Thorsrud (BI): Forecasting output and inflation with global components. This time is different
Discussant: Olvar Bergland
Olvar Bergland (UMB): Model Uncertainty in Energy Market Models: A Bayesian Approach
Discussant: Leif Anders Thorsrud
Business and governent governance
Chair: Geir Bjertnæs
A2 059
CANCELLED: Cathrin Fløgstad (UiB): Lending to Developing Countries: How do official creditors respond to
sovereign defaults?
Discussant: Geir Bjertnæs
Asmund Rygh (BI): Bureaucrats in international business: Investigating welfare-economic rationales for stateowned multinational enterprise
Discussant: Cathrin Fløgstad
Geir Bjertnæs (SSB): Corporate income taxation, regulations on profit shifting, and worker welfare
Discussant: Asmund Rygh
Resource economics
Chair: Kristin Linnerud
A2 015
Stein-Erik Fleten (NTNU): Keeping the Lights On Until the Regulator Makes Up His Mind
Discussant: Kristin Linnerud
Anders Skonhoft (NTNU): Perfect selectivity vs. biomass harvesting in an age- structured fishery model. What is
the gain?
Discussant: Stein-Erik Fleten
Øyvind Handberg (UMB): Using experiments for ex-ante (policy) evaluation of forest conservation initiatives
Discussant: Anders Skonhoft
Kristin Linnerud (Cicero): Termination of renewable energy support schemes: How uncertainty affects
investment rates
Discussant: Øyvind Handberg
Sessions III: Tuesday 9.30-11.30
Invited session: Industrial organisation and vertical restraints
Chair: Lars Sørgard
B1 030
Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr (UiO): Green Certificates, Vertical Relations and Market Power
Simen A. Ulsaker (NHH): Buyer Groups, One-stop Shopping and Exclusivity
Lars Sørgard (NHH): Upstream Merger in a Successive Oligopoly: Who Pays the Price?
Fiscal Economics and pensions
Chair: Nils Martin Stølen
A2 010
Thor Andreas Aursland (NHH): Rebalancing in the Eurozone
Disussant: Nils Martin Stølen
Erling Holmøy (SSB): Generational Accounts provides misleading fiscal effects of demographic changes: Reasons
and corrections
Discussant: Thor Andreas Aursland
Nils Martin Stølen (SSB): Life time pension benefits versus life time contributions
Discussant: Erling Holmøy
Chair: Victoria Sparrman
A2 015
Jørgen Modalsli (SSB): Intergenerational occupational mobility in Norway, 1865-2011
Discussant: Marit Gjelsvik
Hege Marie Gjefsen (SSB): School accountability: Incentives or Sorting?
Discussant: Victoria Sparrman
Marit Gjelsvik (SSB): Labour market effects of higher skill premia in Norway
Discussant: Jørgen Modalsli
Victoria Sparrman (SSB): Labor Market Institutions and Wage Inequality in the OECD Countries
Discussant: Hege Marie Gjefsen
Housing prices and markets
Chair: Eilev Jansen
A2 035
Dag E. Sommervoll (BI): Homes and Castles: Should We Care about Idiosyncratic Risk?
Discussant: Andre Anundsen
Andre Anundsen (Norges Bank): Regional US housing price formation: One size fits all?
Discussant: Dag E. Sommervoll
Erling R. Larsen (BI): Did the 2008 Monetary Policy Reversal in Norway Reverse the Housing Market?
Discussant: Eilev Jansen
Eilev Jansen (SSB): Forecasting Norwegian housing prices
Discussant: Erling R. Larsen
Political economy
Chair: Rune Sørensen
A2 050
Elias Braunfels (NHH): How do Political and Economic Institutions Affect Each Other? An Empirical Approach
Discussant: TBA
Askill Halse (UiO): Unified, but divided. The effect of geographical representation in single-district electoral
Discussant: Rune Sørensen
Per Tovmo (NTNU): The impact of voting franchise on fiscal and election outcomes
Discussant: Askill Halse
Rune Sørensen (BI): The impact of state television on voter turnout
Discussant: Per Tovmo
Environmental economics no. 2
Chair: Knut Einar Rosendahl
A2 070
Taran Fæhn (SSB): Climate policies in a fossil fuel producing country
Discussant: Eirik Romstad
Durmaz Tunc (NHH): Optimal Innovation Strategy for Mitigating Pollution
Discussant: Knut Einar Rosendahl
Eirik Romstad (UMB): Dynamic Efficiency for Stock Pollutants
Discussant: Taran Fæhn
Knut Einar Rosendahl (UMB): Carbon leakage: Pay or not pay the polluter?
Discussant: Durman Tunc
Monetary Policy
Chair: Gisle Natvik
A2 080
Drago Bergholt (BI): Foreign Shocks in an Estimated Multi-sector Model
Discussant: Gisle Natvik
Paolo Gelain (Norges Bank): Monetary Policy Trade-offs and Financial Frictions
Discussant: Drago Bergholt
Gisle Natvik (Norges Bank): Economic uncertainty and the effectiveness of monetary policy
Discussant: Paolo Gelain
Sessions IV: Tuesday 13.30-15.30
Invited session: Growth and business cycles
Chair: Kjetil Storesletten
B1 030
Kjetil Storesletten (UiO): Redistributive Taxation in a Partial Insurance Economy
Francesco Furlanetto (Norges Bank): Matching efficiency and business cycle fluctuations
Sigurd Mølster Galaasen (UiO): R&D heterogeneity and implications for growth
Agricultural economics
Chair: Øyvind Hoveid
A2 010
Klaus Mittenzwei (NILF): The disappearing middle hypothesis: Review and clarification
Discussant: Sofie Skjeflo
Sofie Skjeflo (UMB): Economy-wide effects of input subsidies in Malawi: Market imperfections and household
Discussant: Klaus Mittenzwei
Daniel Atsbeha (UMB): The Effect of Dairy Quota on Milk Composition
Discussant: Øyvind Hoveid
Øyvind Hoveid (NILF): Returns to scale in Norwegian milk production revisited
Discussant: Daniel Atsbeha
Labour markets and gender
Chair: Karen H. Ulltveit-Moe
A2 015
Kjell Erik Lommerud (UiB): Mommy tracks and public policy: On self-fulfilling prophecies and gender
Discussant: Karen H. Ulltveit-Moe
Venke Furre Haaland (UiS): The Intergenerational Transfer of the Employment Gender Gap
Discussant: Kjell Erik Lommerud
Karen H. Ulltveit-Moe (UiO): Globalization: A woman's best friend? Exporters and the gender wage gap
Discussant: Venke Furre Haaland
Industrial organisation no. 2
Chair: Lampros Lamprinakis
A2 070
Frode Nordvik (BI): The Location of Oil and the Resource Curse
Discussant: Lampros Lamprinakis
Rasmus B. Holmen (Menon): Road investments and productivity effects
Discussant: Frode Nordvik
Stefan Flugel (UMB): Accounting for User Type and Mode Effects on the Value of Travel Time Savings in Project
Appraisal: Opportunities and Challenges
Discussant: Rasmus B. Holmen
Lampros Lamprinakis (NILF): Rethinking competitiveness for high cost producers
Discussant: Stefan Flugel
Financial economics
Chair: Klaus Mohn
A2 035
Dagfinn Rime (Norges Bank): The Offshore Renminbi Exchange Rate: Microstructure and Links to the Onshore
Discussant: Klaus Mohn
Burhan Ahmad (UMB): Spatial differences in volatility across regional rice markets of Pakistan
Discussant: Dagfinn Rime
Gjermund Grimsby (Menon): Community banking and the market for business credit
Discussant: Burhan Ahmad
Klaus Mohn (UiS): Exploration risk in oil and gas shareholder returns
Discussant: Gjermund Grimsby
Regional economics
Chair: Sigbjørn Sødal
A2 050
Lars Håkonsen (HiT): Local government allocation of cultural services
Discussant: Sigbjørn Sødal
Astri Drange Hole (HiB): Provider category and quality of care in the Norwegian nursing home industry
Discussant: Lars Håkonsen
Sigbjørn Sødal (UiA): Analysis of regional division in Norway by means of gravitation models
Discussant: Astrid Drage Hole