Indicators of pollution

Indicators of pollution
Monitoring pollution
• scientists monitor pollution of water, air
and land.
• Some are researchers at universities
• International organisations
• Governments
• Local authorities
• Power companies
Ways to monitor pollution
• Data recorders:- measure changes in
concentrations of particular chemicals.
• Plants and animals (indicator organisms):scientists look for longer-term effects of
Animals as pollution indicators
• Invertebrate animals are good indicators
of water pollution. Some can live onve in
very polluted water others can only live in
clean water
Clean water
Stone fly nymph
Mayfly nymph
Freshwater shrimp
Pond skater
Sludge worm
Very polluted
Rat-tailed maggot
• Lichens are sensitive to the amount of sulphur
dioxide, some species more than others.
The species present and number of different
species give clues about air pollution.
Lichens grow slowly, they indicate long-term
purity of the air.
Air pollution is also monitored daily with
chemical tests
Crusty lichen
Shrubby lichen
Leafy lichen
• Give 3 reasons why we monitor pollution
• Why do power companies employ scientists to
check air pollution.
• Which type of lichen would you expect to find in
a city centre? Explain your answer
What types of lichen would you expect to find in
the country side? explain your answer
What you need to remember!!
Indicators of pollution
We can use_________ organisms to show
how much pollution there is,
including_________ as indicators of air
pollution. Invertebrate animals as
indicators of___________ ___________
Water pollution