Introducing the NEW Denar® Mark 330 articulator

Removing Alginate and Gypsum
from Impression Trays
Introducing a new product
from Whip Mix
Have you Heard?
There’s a New tray cleaner available from Whip Mix
called Green Envy
pH neutral
Gentle to the skin, biodegradable,
environmentally friendly, non corrosive
Ease of Use
Dissolves alginate and plaster residue
Container Size
Larger 2.2 lb jar provides cleaning for
more than 500 trays
Fresh Aroma
Pleasant light citrus aroma
Green Envy Tray Cleaner
• Green Envy tray cleaner
removes alginate and gypsum
from impression trays
naturally – pH neutral
What does this mean?
Safety Concerns
• Many cleaning supplies have active ingredients that help
remove residue from surfaces.
• Active ingredients such as sodium carbonate may cause
burns and be irritating to the eyes.
• Prolonged immersion of metal trays in active ingredients
may cause some corrosion.
Hazardous Concerns
• Shipping of hazardous materials requires special
• When hazardous materials are released into natural
water ways, they can be toxic for animals and aquatic
pH Neutral Cleaners
• A pH that is neutral
means that the pH is
balanced and is not
alkaline (base) or acidic.
• pH neutral is around 7
on the pH scale.
• A pH neutral cleaning
product is gentler on the
skin and safer for
Environmentally Friendly
• pH neutral cleaners are biodegradable and
environmentally friendly.
• Biodegradable is defined as any organic material that
can be broken down by microorganisms into simpler,
more stable compounds.
• Biodegradable products decompose in the environment
quickly without polluting.
Other Views
• According to, an environmentally friendly
product should be pH neutral, organic, and biodegradable. All
ingredients should be (GRAS) generally recognized as safe,
non-hazardous and non-corrosive. A properly formulated
cleaning product will minimize the user’s health exposure,
utilize minimal amounts of water and minimize the overall
impact on the environment.
Benefits of Safe Cleaners
• Fewer adverse health effects from toxic compounds.
• Fewer hazards in the municipal solid waste stream.
• Less ecosystem destruction from persistent chemicals.
Go Green with Envy
• Green Envy tray cleaner is gentle to the skin and
biodegradable – safer for the skin and safer for the
• Gentle cleaning will not cause corrosion to metal
• Green Envy tray cleaner does not contain toxic
compounds that pose a risk to users
What Does All This Mean?
Products should be GRAS, which stands for:
A. Gentle, resourceful, and safe
B. Generating revenue and sales
C. Generally recognized as safe
D. Good reasons, All Seasons
Green Envy Tray Cleaner
• Green Envy tray cleaner dissolves
the alginate and plaster residue –
interacts instead of reacts with soils
and surfaces – breaking down the
microorganisms into a simpler, more
stable compound
• No need to scrap or scour
Easy on You; Easy on Instruments
Mix 2 scoops of Green Envy tray
cleaner in 2 cups (16 oz) of lukewarm
Immerse instruments for 15 – 30
Rinse or brush off with warm water
Go Green with Envy
• The larger 2.2 lb jar provides cleaning
for more than 500 trays (leading
competitor offers half the size and may
be hazardous and corrosive)
• The only thing left behind after using
this pH neutral, biodegradable product
is a fresh, light citrus aroma
How Can We Clean Safely?
Tray cleaners safely clean by:
A. Eating away the residue organisms
B. Breaking down the residue organisms
C. Scaring off the residue organisms
D. Brushing away the residue organisms
How To Order
• Green Envy tray cleaner is available through your favorite Dental
• Call Whip Mix and we will place this order for you through your
favorite Dental Dealer
• Sample packs are also available and can be ordered by calling
Whip Mix or requested online
• Whip Mix Contact Information
– 800-626-5651
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