Powerpoint on Taranaki`s new oil & gas permits

Public Meeting:
New Taranaki Oil & Gas Exploration
Stop the Drilling!
7 - 9 pm Tuesday 22nd March, Hempton Hall, Okato
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Presentation – what's going
on? What can we do?
Questions & discussion
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The New Fossil
Fuel Frontiers
Oil, Coal and Gas
Expansion in
As of December 2010
[Source: Greenpeace NZ,
The Taranaki Oil & Gas Exploration Permits
c. 13 new onshore/coastal permits
c. 15 new offshore permits
c. 2 permit applications
Total new permits cover c. 80%
of our Taranaki region
Companies include: Todd Energy, CUE,
Kea Petroleum, Greymouth Petroleum, L&M,
NZOG, AWE, Mitsui E&P, TAG Oil, Shell,
Horton Oil, Origin, ROC Oil, Mosaic Oil,
Mighty River Power, OMV, Green Gate and
Pan Pacific Petroleum
[Source: EnergyNews.co.nz, Freeman Media, NZ
An onshore example: 'Tohu' PEP 51149
Exploration process:
1. Desk study
2. Aerial survey – from a low-flying craft
3. Seismic survey – underground/water explosive
seismic reflection survey lines for 2D & 3D mapping
4. Exploratory drilling for verification of resource access, drilling, storage, testing, waste disposal
5. Appraisal for economic feasibilty – more of the above!
Then comes the development & production... and
(if not re-opened) decommissioning & rehabilitation...
[Adapted from source: EtechInternational]
“15-45 pneumatic air guns emitting sound pulses of 10–
300 Hz, 215-250dB...”
Effects on marinelife:
may cause pain to animals
may disturb their navigation & feeding
may damage their 'ears' & reproductive processes
may cause strandings.
potentially fatal effects to marine mammals and some
other marinelife eg. crayfish and crabs.
[Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reflection_seismology]
Onshore drilling
Damage of waahi tapu &
historic sites
 Erosion
 Stream damage
 Soil & water pollution
 Air pollution
 Light pollution
 It's ugly!
Non-notified consents (and certificates of compliance
6867-1 6414 Changed: 4 February 2010
by the
Regional Council
BTW Company
Expiry Date:
1 June
Review Date: June 2008, June 2012, June 2014
Location: Brown Road, Waitara
Purpose: To discharge drilling wastes [consisting of drilling cuttings and drilling
from hydrocarbon exploration activities with water based muds and synthetic
muds, and oily wastes from hydrocarbon exploration and production activities,
onto and
into land via landfarming Change of conditions to provide for oily wastes in the
7724-1 6601 Granted: 30 November 2010
Greymouth Petroleum Limited Expiry Date: 1 June 2027
Review Date: June 2015, June 2021
Location: Epiha wellsite, 377 Otaraoa Road, Waitara
Activity Class: Controlled
Purpose: To discharge emissions to air associated with exploration activities at the
wellsite, including flaring of hydrocarbons associated with well clean-up and well
May poison the
groundwater we drink
May poison air, soils
and workers
Is highly explosive
Offshore drilling
Maui Oil and Gas Rig
“[A]ccording to a new risk assessment by Maritime
NZ... Taranaki is now rated the highest-risk region
in New Zealand for the likelihood of a marine oil spill
of up to 1000 tonnes occurring...
“Already there have been spills... In 2000 Fletcher
Challenge spilled up to 50 litres of condensate in the
Pohokura field off Motunui, which spread along 2 km
of beach. Then in 2007 an estimated 33 tonnes of oil
was spilled in the Tui field off the western Taranaki
coastline, and 23 tonnes came ashore along 14 km of
coastline. In November last year oil spilled in the
Maari field off Taranaki's south-west coast, and it
washed up on Kapiti coast beaches.”
[Source: Taranaki Daily News 2 Feb 2011]
Oil spills
So what can we do?!
It's a big challenge so let's win what we can...
1. Halt the work
deny access to your land
 register waahi tapu & historic sites for protection
 oppose surveying and drilling
 challenge resource consents...
2. Build resistance
tell others what's going on & why you don't support it
organise your community to oppose the drilling
find allies, share resources and co-ordinate events
3. Get smart
read up on permits and environmental monitoring on
govt and company websites
keep up to date with newspapers, TV and radio
discuss with others - work out what's really going on
and how to stop it.
4. Protection
do your own monitoring
and sampling of soils
 demand more protection,
better accountability &
more community
involvement under
 demand independent
20th April 2011 – Global Day of Action
One year since the massive BP Deep Water Horizon oil
spill in the Gulf of Mexico...
Join communities around Aotearoa and the world to
send a signal that fossil fuel extraction's got to stop!
Make your own bilboard or organise an action to show
your opposition to oil and gas expansion in Taranaki.
Websites for more information:
No Drilling Aotearoa – Te Tairawhiti, Te Taitokerau, Taranaki
so far! www.nodrilling.org.nz
Stop the Drilling in Taranaki (Facebook Group)
Public Meeting:
New Taranaki Oil & Gas Exploration
Stop the Drilling!
7 - 9 pm Tuesday 22nd March, Hempton Hall, Okato
Mihi whakatau
Presentation – what's going
on? What can we do?
Questions & discussion
Mihi whakakapi