Responsible Skiing should

• Responsible Tourism was first articulated by
Jost Krippendorf im 1984
• The landscape devourers
• His thinking was based on experience in the
Swiss Alps
• Rebellious tourists and rebellious locals
• The satisfaction that comes from taking
responsibility the good conscience, the feel
good factor
Lots of issues
pistes, artificial snow, ski lifts
energy, water, waste
congestion and traffic
“trampling” and disturbance
planning and architectural issues
frozen beds, smaller businesses being
squeezed out
• Maintaining local communities
Responsible Skiing should...
Generate greater economic benefits for locals...
Make for diverse communities with a range of employment
Involve local people in decisions that affect their community...
Minimise negative environmental impacts through planning and
Give opportunities to contribute to the conservation of natural and
cultural heritage...
Provide a variety of more enjoyable experiences for skiers...
Provide access for physically challenged people and those excluded
“Responsible Skiing
is about engaging with the mountain destination,
enjoying a range of winter activities
in beautiful surroundings,
and having a fun and memorable stay,
but not at the cost of the
environment or the local population.
And we all want that.”
• Who should take responsibility?
– Operators and agents
• small and large companies
• roll out of industry programmes
– Resort managers – public and private
– Transport providers
– Local government
– Skiers
It comes down to what individuals do ….
Transport to, and in, the resort
Water, waste and energy
Local economic benefits
Cultural heritage
Lots of technical solutions – if they were
applied everywhere?
• Eurostar Ski Train – TUI told us that train
bookings are up for next year.
• Three options
– Stop – but that would impact on local livelihoods
and leave a void, potentially a downward spiral
– Ignore the issues – put our heads in the snow
– Do as much as we can
– Recognise those who are taking responsibility And
making a difference – encourage them to do more
and criticise those who are lagging behind
It comes down to what you do
and what you encourage others to do
What next?