Dear ___________ (Decision Maker),
(This is your opportunity to pitch IdeaPaint to whomever makes decisions at your
company. We encourage you to play with the sample text below to make it work
for your team’s specific needs. Good luck!)
We/I have found a product that we/I believe to hold transformative power. It can
turn our entire company, office by office, into an environment that doesn't just
believe in coloring outside the lines, but acts on it.
IdeaPaint turns virtually anything you can paint in the office into a highperformance dry-erase surface. Using IdeaPaint maximizes the spaces staff and
clients have to collaborate, interact and discover new ways of solving problems.
No matter where you use it, minds will open and fill with big ideas.
IdeaPaint is also one of the most environmentally responsible dry-erase products
on the market. It delivers more writing surface with far less environmental impact
and is the only dry-erase paint product to achieve GREENGUARD certification.
Companies across the globe are turning to IdeaPaint to create workspaces that
are collaborative, cost-effective and safe for their employees.
It is our/my hope that you will consider the benefits IdeaPaint would offer not just
our immediate staff, but our larger community as it recommits itself to the creative
____________ (Your and other IdeaPaint supporters’ names)
It doesn’t matter where you spend your 9-5. IdeaPaint is the perfect creative
solution for any type of business. With IdeaPaint, you can create a dynamic
place to share information with your customers, coworkers or clients. Any
smooth surface, including whiteboards, chalkboards, metal, glass, wood,
concrete and drywall can be turned into a useful and interactive workspace.
RECLAIM unused spaces or unsightly surfaces for impromptu brainstorms
TRANSFORM spaces into collaborative and creative areas:
- conference tables
- walls
- counters
- columns
- curved walls
PAINT a small square at every cubicle to create message boards
ENCOURAGE dialogue between areas or offices that don’t usually
communicate by activating hallways and stairwells as
spaces to engage with and share ideas
There is an ever-growing list of companies that have witnessed
IdeaPaint transform the way their employees interact with each
other and their ideas. IdeaPaint opens up the often-partitioned
office space, creating a collaborative hub where ideas develop
more fluidly. Innovation takes both time and space. We’ve got
your space covered.
Canton, MA
Maintaining a top spot in the global athletic apparel industry is a tough challenge one that Canton-based Reebok has seemingly mastered. A secret to their success:
a company-wide commitment to creativity and innovation. In the Design
Department of Reebok's World Headquarters, Reebok practices what they preach.
IdeaPaint is used throughout the office: on the main office wall, on columns, and
even on non-traditional surfaces like mannequins.
Using IdeaPaint mannequins allows Reebok designers to take chances and
explore the full extent of their ideas. "You get to see what a line actually looks like
when it moves around the body. And since it is erasable, it's a lot easier to take a
risk and try something, because it's no big deal,” says Michael Schaeffer, Reebok's
Global Creative Director.
In addition to providing a creative outlet for designers, IdeaPaint has supported the
creative process office-wide. “We've seen people behaving differently because of
IdeaPaint. They are interacting differently, and working together differently. More
spontaneous conversations pop-up, and more spontaneous idea-collecting is
happening than before."
- To view photos and read about the Reebok installation:
Canton, MA
“Every single hour of every business day, someone at HubSpot is using an
IdeaPaint wall,” reports VP of Platform Strategy Yoav Shapira. That is high
praise coming from the innovative Cambridge-based company who has made
managing online marketing easy with their all-in-one software platform.
According to Shapira, being able to visualize their ideas is paramount to their
continued success. He explains, "We use an agile approach to product
development. Instead of writing long specifications which no one ever reads,
much less builds, we rely on ad-hoc collaboration across small, cross-functional
teams. For those teams, it's crucial to always have an available place to share
ideas, thoughts, sketches, wireframes, and other design artifacts.”
In order to capitalize on all of their creative energy, HubSpot has painted at least
one wall in every conference room and every open area with IdeaPaint,
providing designers, marketers and developers alike with a place for real time
visual collaboration.
- For the full HubSpot story:
Billerica, MA
Welch’s went all out when painting their Technology Center in Billerica, MA.
Improving upon the idea of the “war room,” Welch’s created an Innovation
Room - a boundless ideation space that has inspired product innovation and
employee collaboration. The wall-to-wall IdeaPaint room was built “by a team
that believes in a culture and workspace that fosters creativity and
communication,” explains Anne-Lise Lucas, Group Manager, Global Innovation
in R&D.
The Innovation Room has helped team members to communicate and has
allowed small ideas to gain momentum by providing a place to visualize any
given concept. Says Brand Manager, Phil Drapeau, “It makes everyone’s job
easier to see each other’s work.” IdeaPaint is happy to help.
- To read more about Welch’s 360 installation:
Thanks to technology, a paperless office is in sight. Soon, meetings traditionally
replete with handouts will be conducted without harming a single tree. IdeaPaint
can help you save paper, improve air quality and contribute to a greener working
environment. We are one of the most environmentally responsible dry-erase
products on the market.
MATERIALS Millions of worn out and unwanted whiteboards end up in landfills
each year. With IdeaPaint, there’s nothing to throw out. You apply it directly over
the existing substrate in your office. If you have to make a change, just paint over it.
IdeaPaint can even restore old whiteboards and add years to their life.
AIR QUALITY Many dry-erase surfaces contain formaldehyde, which slowly
releases gas and diminishes indoor air quality for the life of the product. IdeaPaint
is formaldehyde-free, conforms to all U.S. EPA regulations (including California)
and does not produce any harmful gas once it’s dry.
ENERGY Traditional dry-erase boards require baking and curing procedures that
consume large of amounts of energy. IdeaPaint is simply stirred. And because our
product is much lighter and smaller, it requires less material and fuel to ship.
High-performance is a priority for all businesses. As one of the most flexible,
durable and cost-effective dry-erase solutions on the market, IdeaPaint fits
nicely into that category. IdeaPaint has won top honors from design and
business publications alike, developing a reputation as a creative tool for any
business that prioritizes innovation. With one coat, any smooth surface is
converted into a dynamic and creative space. We call that a stroke of genius.
- Best of NeoCon Innovation
- Best of NeoCon Gold in Wall Treatments
- Building Magazine's Grand Prize for Unique Solutions
- Green Star Award from Interior Design Magazine
- Metropolitan Home Design 100
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environment. Complete with a visit and consultation by the IdeaPaint team, the
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transform your office space of choice into a work environment that you and your
colleagues will love.
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