Consumer Culture - Mr Phillips` IB Geog

Describe the role of TNCs and
the media in spreading
consumer culture.
What do we mean by consumer culture?
The choices made by consumers (those who
exchange finances for a particular good or
service) based upon their psychological
attachment to a brand or product rather than
economic reason.
What strategies are TNCs using to spread consumer culture?
Ways of spreading consumer culture…
• Sponsorship of sporting competitions / mega events eg FIFA World
Cup or Olympic Games. Increase audience by television and media
• Ownership or sponsorship of venues eg Coca Cola Park, Jo’burg, SA.
• Newspaper advertising – subconscious messages, use of imagery.
• Tapping into enhanced environmental concern eg Free Range.
• Using increase in network connectivity and change in lifestyles eg
provision of WiFi and working areas. Become part of lifestyle.
• Use other ‘trends’ as a vehicle for promotion eg Reebok using
‘CrossFit’ to promote their trainers.
Define: commodity Something that can be bought or sold.
How can the introduction of branded commodities into a location
influence cultural diffusion?