Silverfish Abatement in Meyer - California Preservation Program

Silverfish Abatement in a Library
Silverfish & the Affected Library
A History
• Sightings
• Search
• Conclusions Drawn
Why Worry?
Danger Posed by Silverfish
• Silverfish damage
• Potential to infest the Libraries’ collections
Silverfish Habits
• Prefer warm, humid environments
• Shun light
• Silverfish are THIGMATIC
they like tight places & dusty cracks
Silverfish Tastes
• Enjoy starch & proteins
• Gourmands: prefer to eat high quality
papers over lignin containing papers
Silverfish & Water
• Don’t drink water but derive moisture from
water vapor, moisture in materials, and
molecular water in structural chemicals
such as cellulose
• Adults and nymphs attracted to food
because of high moisture content
Some Buildings
Silverfish Friendly
• Steam fed
• Doors open to patios
• Carpeted
Integrated Pest Management
to the Rescue
Focus is prevention with an emphasis on:
• climate control
• building inspection and maintenance
• good housekeeping & cleanliness
• good collection storage
• routine monitoring for pests
Integrated Pest Management
vs. Fumigation
• Bomb, kill, destroy
• Use of highly toxic chemicals
• Emphasis on prevention
• Creates an environment that is unattractive to pests
Emergency Action Taken
in Affected Library
• Freeze kill infected collection materials
• Clean-up of infested area
• Carpet cleaning
• Baseboard treatment
IPM Program for Affected
Building Inspection
Improved Housekeeping: Custodial service
Improved Housekeeping: Library Staff
Routine Pest Monitoring
Annual Walk Through
Quarterly Baseboard Treatment
IPM in Affected Library to Date:
• Habitat search with IPM specialist
• Special attention to patios, roof lines,
door seals
Actions taken:
• Basement clean-up
• Door seals on patios improved
• Patios & roofline treated
IPM in Affected Library to Date:
Housekeeping —Custodial
• Stepped up program of edge-cleaning
• Daily trash removal from patios
IPM in Affected Library
Your Contribution:
Housekeeping—Library Staff
Participation and cooperation from Library
staff is an essential component of IPM.
Other efforts will have little impact
without your help.
Please Insure That Collection
Materials are Up off the Floors
Whenever Possible Please
Discard Old Boxes
• Remove books from
boxes on arrival
• Collapse and remove
boxes from building
the same day
Please Restrict Food to the
Please Take Your Breaks & Eat
Lunch Away From Your Desk
Celebrate in the Staff Room,
on Patios, Or, Outside Meyer
Please Keep Patios Clean
And Please Remove Plants
– Real, Dried, or Imitation –
From Staff Areas
Anything Preventing You From
Accomplishing This?