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Sex selection in India does not take place in a legal
vacuum. In fact, just a few years after the introduction
of the new ultrasound and amniocentesis
technologies, in 1983 the Indian Parliament banned
the practice of sex determination in all public
institutions. The prime legislation at the all-India level
remains the Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques
(Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act, the PNDT
Act, passed in 1994 and later amended in 2003.
UNFPA estimated that the practice of prenatal sex selection has
resulted in approximately 6 lakhs girls being missed annually in India
during the period 2001-07. This is roughly 1600 girls per day.
No state/UT has female child sex ratio over 1000 in India. Only 8 out
of 35 stats in India have positive child sex ratio during last 10 years.
The reason for this dramatic shift stems from the introduction into
India of methods of prenatal sex determination, such as
amniocentesis and ultrasound technology. The emergence of sexidentification techniques heralded a new discriminatory regime in
India, which is responsible today for the dramatic sex-ratio situation
in many of its regions.
The law was primarily meant to address the issue of
unwanted pregnancies, as part of a comprehensive
family-planning strategy that encompassed many
contraceptive options, as well. But the combination of
new technologies for pre-natal sex determination and
abortion proved to be a dramatic cocktail, which
would quickly become an efficient sex-selection
device. From the 1980s, sex-selective abortions
became the primary method used to alter the sex
composition of children. The PC & PNDT Act provides
formidable tools to act against the misuse of
•The Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques
(PCPNDT) Act passed by the Indian Parliament came into
force in 1994 for regulation and prevention of misuse of the
diagnostic techniques. Subsequently, following a Supreme
Court order on its proper implementation certain
Amendments were made to the Act. This Act came into
force in 1996. Act was amended in 2003 to include Pre
conception techniques (PCPNDT Act).
•Prohibition of sex-selection: No person or technology
including a specialist or a team of specialists in the field of
infertility, shall conduct or cause to be conducted or aid in
conducting by himself or by any other person, sex selection
on a woman or a man or on both or on any tissue, embryo,
concepts, fluid or gametes derived from either or both of
What's Going Wrong…????
•The enforcement of PCPNDT Act 2003, which prohibits sex
determination tests of the fetus (leading to abortion if it's female), has
been far from satisfactory. The main reasons being:
•Poor supervision of genetic and ultrasound clinics
•Unethical and illegal practices of the concerned doctors/ radiologists
•Rampant misuse of technology
•Fast increase in the number of ultrasound clinics over the years
•Implementation of PCPNDT Act is far from expected
•A center doesn't generate any of the records of illegal sex
determination. No complainer and no evidences. Unfortunately like
many other Acts, this act also faces implementation problems
•No effective monitoring mechanism
•Proper knowledge of the Law
•No Standardization in practices, record keeping etc.
•Problem of Under Reporting
•Problem of False Reporting
•Critical records are not reported
•No proofs & evidences for the authorities to take action
Solution: Save The Baby Girl & Active Tracker
Magnum Opus has invented a system comprising two phase solution
Stage I - Online Portal (
A web portal was developed titled ", an online software solution that connects all genetic
centers and collects the important data on daily basis as per the PCPNDT Act rules and formats. It is an electronic
method of submission of data and reports to appropriate Government authorities.
The software assures that no incomplete data is submitted by users. The government authorities can access this
portal through secured login and can automatically generate various reports from time to time. The portal has all the
features to carry out the analysis of the data and necessary pre formatted statistical analysis reports which can be
leveraged for quick decision making, identifying the problem areas
Solution: Save The Baby Girl & Active Tracker
Stage I - Online Portal (
Online portal help the state by effectively implementing the
PCPNDT Act, the solution covers all documentation facilities as
per the Act. It generates all MIS reports that are required form
time to time.
The appropriate authority can monitor the state level, district
level, and block level performance, various activities such as
center applications, renewals, approvals, etc.
It also has the facility of generation of reports of action taken,
court cases, machine sealed etc.
Stage I - Online Portal (
Data Generation, Auto Processing & Analysis
Center data, centers from rural and urban areas, centers
machine and employees details, center renewal report etc.
Periodical (monthly) data reports for F form, delivery, MTP,,
rural, urban & district level data comparison, etc.
Data auto analysis for suspected cases, F forms with 2 or more
girl child, 35 years and above, abnormal delivery, MTP advised,
abnormal sonography reports and many more
A PCPNDT Compliance System for Genetic Centers
•Secured log in
•Daily submission of form F, delivery and MTP records
•Auto generation of Monthly report
•Can not submit incomplete F form, enabling them a
PCPNDT compliant and no risk
•Can depend on their support staff for documentation
•Saves time and efforts and money on record keeping
•No risk of sealing or action because of incomplete F
Age wise patient analysis, 0-18 , 19-24, 25-34, 35 and above
categories data analysis of F form, delivery, MTP
Pregnancy related data analysis such as trimester wise data
analysis, abnormal pregnancy reports etc.
ANC tracking, area wise ANC tracking through mobile based
SMS reporting, missing cases, and analysis for implementation
Stage II: Active Tracker
Only online portal was not enough as it is not solving the problem of under reporting and false reporting. Magnum Opus
has invented a device called the Silent Observer and upgraded version now called as Active Tracker, which is externally
connected to Sonography machine and captures videos images of on machine monitor continuously.
Active Tracker is connected to USG machine through
external cables
Active Tracker receives the video signals from the USG
machine and no interference with USG machine keeping the
“insurance” of the USG machine intact. No inputs are given
to USG machine
Advanced Features
Active Tracker shares a common power supply with USG
machine that makes Active Tracker and USG machine
switching on and off simultaneously.
Active Tracker has inbuilt GPRS facility through which
every machine is connected to
Active Tracker has a storage capacity of 1TB and can be
scaled up as per requirement
Each and every machine can be monitored remotely
and a can check for the ever machine on and off
The video data is NOT uploaded to any server but resides
on the Active Tracker only
To capture the data from the machine, appropriate
authority has to visit center personally and through secured
mechanism that data can be copied
The data is stored in encrypted format
Send various alerts for any tampering, access of data,
if machine is switched off for more than 24 hours etc.
A full proof, tamper proof and highly secured
Does not required any kind of sealing
Remotely managing of every machine is possible
Stage II: Silent Observer to Active Tracker
The first version of the device called as Silent Observer has some drawbacks and it was affecting the objective of such
device. Over the period, the R&D team of Magnum Opus has resolved all the issues and Active Tracker, the new device is
more full proof and tamper proof. Active Tracker has solved all the issues raised in Silent Observer.
Silent Observer has on and off button for switching on and
off. It was a loop hole and can be misused by switching on
the USG machine and not switching on the Silent Observer.
Active Tracker does not have on and off button. The
Active Tracker share common power supply and
switches on and off automatically with USG machine.
Silent Observer has storage capacity of 320 GB and was not
scalable. 320 GB was not sufficient for recording 2 years of
data as per law.
Active Tracker has 1TB (1024 GB) data storage
capacity and it can scaled to 2TB and even more
depending on center operations
Silent Observer needed to seal all the cables which was
difficult to handle and possibility of leakage
Active Tracker does require any sealing to machine
except the common power supply
Silent Observer does not have remote controlling
mechanism. It does not have GPRS facility, hence every time
one need to visit the center and check physically if machine
is working or not
Active Tracker has inbuilt GPRS facility integrated
with online portal. One can easily check for status of
machine from anywhere. Active Tracker also gives
various alerts for better control and monitoring.
The data is stored in the local machine
Accessing data is possible only with
secured laptop with data access
software and secured log in. It is
Patient Privacy issues has been ruled by
Hon. Bombay High Court stating that
“Right to Life is more important that
Right to Privacy”
Medical Officer PHC
Silent Observer does had the
loopholes but Active Tracker, the
advanced version of full proof and
all security measures have been
taken care.
Kolhapur District: Case Study
Kolhapur District of Maharashtra is one of the richest district in India as per per capita income and well known for Goddess
Mahalaxmi. Despite such background, as per 2001 census the Kolhapur sex ratio was 839 girls per 1000 boys. The District
Magistrate and Collector , Laxmikant Deshmukh (IAS) initiated this drive and Magnum Opus invented & implemented the
project. The pilot was launched on 15th Aug 2009. Kolhapur District has 252 registered genetic centers, 120 in Urban and
132 in Rural part. There are 270 USG machines across the District.
From 1st Oct 2009 to 30th June 2010
Before installation of device
From 1st July 2010 to 30th Sept 2011
After installation of device
Monthly Average F form
Before Implementation of device
After Implementation of device
Under Reporting
Monthly Average Delivery
Before Implementation of device
After Implementation of device
Under Reporting
Monthly Average MTP reporting Before 12 weeks MTP After 12 weeks MTP
Before Implementation of device
After Implementation of device
Under Reporting
The statistics clearly shows that
there was Under Reporting of
4449 F forms, 210 Deliveries &
16 MTP cases every month.
There is clear indicator of control
over under reporting and false
As per 2011 Census, Kolhapur
sex ratio has increased to 845
from 839 of 2001 census.
Laxmikant Deshmukh (IAS)
District Collector, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
Mob. 9325297509 Email:
Nasscom Foundation Award
Manthan Award
eIndia Award
Maharashtra Foundation Award
Times of India
Social Impact Award
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Magnum Opus has been involved in various innovation in E-Governance and focused with the
objective of using IT to enhance the system.
Save The Baby Girl, Silent Observer, Active Tracker
A system for curbing the female feticide and effectively
implement PCPNDT Act
Comprehensive land records and accounting solution
Use of mobile and SMS in transparent distribution of civil
Pioneer in ME-Governance concept (User of Mobile in EGovernance)
Innovative use of Mobile and SMS for rainfall management
M-Disaster Management
Innovative mobile application to be used during disaster
GPS System
Innovative use of GPS System for kerosene supply, police
patrolling vehicles
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