A successful Training Management program includes the

A successful Training Management
program includes the following best practices:
Why care about employee training?
 A company in Omaha, Nebraska was fined over $15K
for serious violations identified by OSHA including; lack
of proper training and inadequate supervision of
powered industrial-truck-operators-in-training and lack
of training for energy control procedures.
 A new report by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor
and Welfare reveals that 5,631 workers were injured
or killed in work-related accidents in 2008. Most were
injured after being sent out to work in manufacturing
jobs, which accounted for two-thirds of the accidents.
Most workers were injured within three months of
starting work – i.e., limited experience was a factor in
most injuries.
Ensuring that appropriate employee training is
assigned and is completed is important to
preventing workplace accidents and
maintaining compliance!
• Assigning appropriate training based on location, job
title, operation, or even by task
• Tracking training completion and notifying employees
and supervisors of progress
• Recording training completion and being able to
quickly access completion records
• Providing or establishing a connection with HR
systems & Learning Management Systems to ensure
new employees are trained when they join the
company and materials are delivered
The Gensuite Training Tracker application was developed
in 1998 and to precisely meet these process needs and
is being used by ~2000 sites world-wide.
On average, annual site productivity savings has been
estimated at $27.5 K per site!*
*Productivity savings based on a site with 100 employees and an estimated 812 hours of managing
approvals and workflow for changes at a rate of $45/hr.
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Training Tracker Functionality
 Build a site-specific EHS training matrix based on site
operations and applicable EHS regulations/best practices
 Maintain the active site employee list through automatic updates
from HR management systems
 Update training needs using automatic emails on new/ moved/
terminated site employees
 Generate pending training lists and training plans/rosters by
course/student/department/job or other custom criteria
 Quickly record employee training completion using online options,
bar-coding, Pocket PC, e-learning & batch uploads
 Identify employees qualified to perform specific tasks based on
training completion records
 Email employees and supervisors as-needed or automatically
each month regarding pending training
 Automatically report EHS Regulatory Training Completion %
metrics based on company requirements
 Customize…facilitate e-learning using integration with Learning
Management Systems or the use of Training Tracker’s built in LMS
module; and site-specific training options using e-Tests
 Control employee-specific training requirement dates through
custom activation & effective dates
 Monitor training completion using monthly status email
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