Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Curriculum Vitae
Torbjørn H. Netland
Last changed: 04.04.2013
Personal details
Torbjørn Hestenes Netland
Hjalmar Johansens vei 2
7020 Trondheim, Norway
Nationality: Norway
Date of birth:
Marital status:
Email address:
Tel (mobile):
Married to Julia Hoppe
0047 98245169
Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business, Washington D.C., USA
Fulbright Grantee, Visiting Research Fellow
01.2010 ->
Industrial Economy and Technology Management, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway
University, PhD Candidate in Operations Management
07.2001 - 06.2006
Industrial Economy and Technology Management, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway
University, Master of Science
07.2003 - 12.2003
1-year study in Organization, Management & Change, Hedmark Univ. College, Norway
University College – Remote education NKI, add-on to the Officers Training School
07.1999 - 07.2000
Officers Training School for the Cavalry, BSK, Rena, Norway
Army - Supplementary education - Field of study: Reconnaissance
07.1996 - 06.1999
Firda Upper Secondary School, Sandane, Norway
General upper secondary school
01.2010 –>
Part-time position as Research Scientist, SINTEF Technology and society (20 %)
Research & Development - Specialization: Operations Management and Logistics
04.2009 – 12.2009
Research Manager, Operations Management Group, SINTEF Technology and society
Research & Development - Specialization: Operations Management and Logistics
06.2006 – 03.2009
Research Scientist in Operations Management, SINTEF Technology and society
Research & Development - Specialization: Operations Management and Logistics
06.2005 - 08.2005
Summer internship, Innovation Norway, Düsseldorf, Germany
Consultative operations - Specialization: Market research
06.2004 - 08.2004
Summer internship, Norsk Hydro Magnesiumgesellschaft mbH, Bottrop, Germany
Process industry - Specialization: Production planning and control
08.2002 - 03.2003
Head of Contact group, ISFiT 03 (International Student Festival in Trondheim)
Event management, voluntary work - Position: Head of Contact Group
07.2000 - 06.2001
Sergeant, Reconnaissance Battalion of the 6th Division of the Norwegian Defence
Military - Position: Squad leader for a reconnaissance team
Selected projects
01.2010 -->
PhD project: Operational Excellence in Multinational Enterprises, NTNU / GU
I study the trade-off paradox between global leverage and local autonomy in corporate improvement
programs. My key case is Volvo AB and their Volvo Production System (VPS)
Global Operations Strategy Seminar + Global Souring Seminar, NTNU, Norway
Responsible and co-responsible for organizing two international scoped symposiums on respectively Global
Operations Strategy (25.8.2010) and Global Sourcing (4.11.2010) at NTNU. Both with international speakers,
industrial COOs/CFOs and over 100 participants.
06.2008 -12.2011
Project manager for a 4 million € R&D project (2008-2011) between SINTEF, Kongsberg Defence &
Aerospace and Volvo Aero Norway. The project aims at creating new socio-technical production concepts that
have a better fit with modern Norwegian high-tech manufacturing than existing production concepts.
01.2009 - 12.2009
Project manager for a 3 million € R&D project (2009-2012) aiming at creating the future intermodal terminal,
with the partners Alnabru logistics centre, the Port of Oslo, the freight forwarders CargoNet, Schenker and
Bring Logistics, and the Norwegian Railway Authority.
06.2008 - 12.2009
ERIP (European Regions of Innovative Productivity), SINTEF, Norway/EU
Project manager for the Norwegian activities in a North Sea Interreg project aiming at creating more
productive manufacturing SME networks with lean manufacturing.
09.2007 - 05.2008
Coordinated Material flow, SINTEF, Norway
Project manager for a 30.000€ development project aiming at creating a more coordinated flow of goods in a
Norwegian furniture manufacturer's supply chain.
08.2006 - 04.2008
Researcher in a Norwegian R&D project with Hydro Aluminium Metal Products in Raufoss, aiming at creating
a more integrated, differentiated and lean crash-bumper supply chain.
01.2007 - 08.2007
Project coordinator in a project aiming at improving the operations management and logistics capabilities of
manufacturing companies in the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia. Manager for the improvement
activities at Vitalia Nikola Doo (Skopje), and coordinator for the improvement projects at Vipro (Gevgelija),
Rimes (Skopje) and Tikveš Wines (Kavadarci)
08.2006 - 12.2008
InnovaRFID, SINTEF, Norway
Project coordinator in the R&D activities aiming at re-engineering the complete planning and control cycle in
Norway's largest meat company.
Elected offices, distinctions etc
Norway Fulbright Foundation grantee for the academic year 2011/2012
09.2006 - 06.2008
LSU (Representative co-worker for SINTEF Operations Management)
Leader of winning team TIMES Norway 2006 (Tournament in Mngm and Engineering Skills)
Voluntary work at UKA 2001 (world’s largest student festival)
Professional societies
European Operations Management Society– member since 2007
Production & Operations Management Society– member since 2008
Strategic Management Society – member since 2011
Academy of Management – member since 2012
Language skills
Oral: Excellent
Oral: Excellent
Oral: Very Good
Written: Excellent
Written: Excellent
Written: Very Good
Peer-reviewed publications
1. Netland, T. H. & Sanchez, E. (2013) Investigating the effects of a corporate improvement programme on global quality
performance: The case of the Volvo Production System. The TQM Journal, Forthcoming.
2. Netland, T. H. and A. Aspelund (2013). "Company-specific Production Systems and Competitive Advantage: A resource-based
view on the Volvo Production System." International Journal of Operations & Production Management 33(5).
3. Netland, T. H. (2013). "Exploring the phenomenon of company-specific Production Systems: One-best-way or own-best-way?"
International Journal of Production Research 51(4): 1084-1097.
4. Netland, T. H. (2012). "Managing strategic improvement programs: the XPS program management framework." Journal of
Project, Program and Portfolio Management 3(1): 31-44.
5. Netland, T. H. and E. Alfnes (2011). "Proposing a quick best practice maturity test for supply chain operations." Measuring
Business Excellence 15(1). Pg.66
6. Netland, T.; I. Spjelkavik (2010). "Making PROFIT at the intermodal terminal - a research agenda." IFIP Advances in Information
and Communication Technology 338 (Advances in Production Management Systems. New Challenges, Approaches): 307-314.
Books, book chapters and scientific reports
7. Mediavilla, M. & Netland, T. H. (2013) Multisite Network Configuration and Improvement. IN ERRASTI, A. (Ed.) Global
Production Networks: Operations Design and Management. Second ed. Florida, USA, CRC Press. Chapter 5
8. Aa, O. A., Anthonsen, H. & Netland, T. (2011) The theoretical landscape of intra-firm best practice management: A narrative
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Academic Press.
9. Netland, T. H., Ravn, J., Knutstad, G. & Skjelstad, L. (2011) IDEALFACTORY@XPS: A manufacturing concept for high-tech
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10. Ravn, J. E., Netland, T., Knutstad, G., Buvik, M. P. & Skjelstad, L. (2011) Towards a high-tech manufacturing concept:
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11. Knutstad, G., Netland, T. H., Ravn, J. E. & Skjelstad, L. (2010) Ideell Fabrikk Produksjonskonsept v.1 (2009). SINTEF Report.
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12. Knutstad, G.; Buvik, M. P.; Skjelstad, L.; Netland, T.; Ravn, J.E. (2009) Attractive Manufacturing – Theoretical discussion in
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13. Netland, T (2006) Internationalisation of Knowlegde Intensive Professional Services – A case study of the SINTEF research
institute, Master thesis, NTNU, Trondheim
Conference papers
14. Netland T, Mediavilla M, Errasti A. The Insignificant Role of National Culture in Global Lean Programmes. APMS 24.-26.9.2012;
Rhodes, Greece2012.
15. Netland T, Ferdows K. The effect of company-specific production systems on performance in global production networks.
Presentation at EurOMA Publishing Work Shop for non-native English speakers; 09.11.2012; Saint Cugat, Barcelona,
16. Netland T, Ferdows K. Implementing company-specific production systems in global networks. Global Management Research
Initiative (GMRI) 2nd workshop; 31.5.-2.6.2012; ESADE, Barcelona, Spain2012.
17. Netland T, Ferdows K. (2012) Implementing company-specific production systems in global networks. 4th Production and
Operations Management World Conference (POM); 1.-5.7.2012; Amsterdam
18. Netland T, Ferdows K. (2012) The effects of managerial actions on the successful implementation of corporate improvement
programmes. POMS 20-23.4.2012; Chicago
19. Netland, T. (2012). The role of team work in implementing production improvement programs in global networks. IWOT.
Trondheim, Norway, August
20. Ravn, J. E., Knutstad, G., Skjelstad, L. & Netland, T. (2012) New sources of management in high-tech manufacturing –
reconstructing operational level management Nordic Working Life Conference Elsinore, Denmark.
21. Netland, T. H. (2011) Improvement programs in multinational manufacturing enterprises: A proposed theoretical framework and
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22. Netland, T. H. & Sanchez, E. (2011) Volvo Production System: Effects on global quality performance. IN STÅHL, J.-E. (Ed.)
Swedish Production Symposium 2011. Lund, Sweden.
23. Netland, T.H., Buvik, M.P. et al (2010): Towards the factory of the future in high-tech industries. October 2010, APMS
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24. Stokland, Ø, Sund, A.B., Netland, T.H (2010).: Industrial challenges in intermodal logistics networks and terminals - a
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27. Myhre, B., T. Netland.; Vevle, G. (2009). The footprint of food - traceability solution based on EPICS. 5th RFID SysTech,
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34. Netland, T.; Alfnes, E.; Heskestad, I. (2008) Integrated overall manufacturing planning in agri-food supply chains, in proceedings
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36. Netland, T.; Alfnes, E.; Fauske, H. (2007) How mature is your supply chain? – A supply chain maturity assessment test, in
proceedings of the EurOMA Conference 2007, Ankara, Turkey, 17-21.06.2007
Popular science publications
1. Project Management Institute, Organizational Project Management Community of Practice, Thought Leaders Series – Featured
SME: Torbjørn Netland, “Using Program Management Theory to manage global process improvement programs” 6-2-2013
2. Netland, T. and E. Sanchez (2012). "People at the wheel - Volvo’s lean journey." Lean Management Journal(March): 35-36.
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4. Netland, T. H. & Andersen, H. (2011) Bedriftsspesifikke produksjonssystemer - XPS: Kontinuerlig forbedring satt i system.
Logistikk & Ledelse. Oslo, Norway, Hjemmet Mortensen Fagmedia AS.
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7. Netland, T. H. and E. Korsnes (2010). Norsk produksjonsindustri i en global verden: Refleksjoner fra populært seminar på
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2. Interview about logistics research at NTNU and SINTEF: Logistikk & ledelse nr 10/2010 “Norges største logistikkmiljø” s22-26
3. Interview about the R&D project Ideal Factory: Industrien nr 7/2010 “Avansert fly gir avansert fabrikk”, s. 20-24
4. Interview about the R&D project Ideal Factory: Teknisk Ukeblad nr 19/09 ”Høyteknologisk fabrikk med skreddersøm –
Planlegger den Ideelle Fabrikken”, s48-53
5. Interview about job position in Sintef 2008 in Kaleidoskopet:
6. Interview about logistics in the pharmaceuticals industry: Run Out Of Pain Killers Again?,, 30.9.2008,
Social media
Twitter: @tnetland
Blog: (established September 2011)
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