presentation to cineclub millenium 7 april 2011

7 APRIL 2011
“Gender Equality
must become a lived reality…”
- Executive Director Michelle Bachelet
UN Women Begins Its Work
Created by a UN General Assembly resolution in July
2010, it merges and builds on four parts of the UN
• Division for the Advancement of Women
• International Research and Training Institute for the
Advancement of Women
• Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and
Advancement of Women
• United Nations Development Fund for Women
UN Women Vision
“UN Women’s vision is one where men and women have equal
opportunities and capacities and the principles of gender equality are
embedded in development, peace and security agendas.”
– Executive Director Michelle Bachelet
Key objective:
Build national capacity and ownership to
enable national partners to formulate genderresponsive laws and policies and to scale up
successful strategies to deliver on national
commitments to gender equality by
Five Thematic Areas
UN Women works on five thematic priorities:
• Expanding women’s voice, leadership and participation
• Ending violence against women
• Strengthening implementation of the women, peace and
security agenda
• Enhancing women’s economic empowerment
• Making gender equality priorities central to national,
local and sectoral planning and budgeting
Ending Violence Against Women
Global Pandemic
Not safe where women should be safest
VAW has no boundaries
Vulnerable Groups
Social and Economic Costs
Ending Violence Against Women
• Impunity
• “A slap or two is no reason to run”
• Resilient members of our societies
What does UN Women propose?
• Investments in women’s
empowerment/Gender Equality
• Institute responses at policy and budget
• Mandatory and integral basic training
• Outreach to vulnerable Groups
• Universal access to at least a minimum
package of emergency service
What does UN Women propose?
Working with men and boys
Working with adolescent youth
Flagship Initiatives:
– Safe Cities programme
– UN Trust Fund to EVAW
– Virtual Knowledge Centre to Eliminate VAW
– UNiTE to EVAW campaign
“Violence against Women is
never acceptable, never
excusable, never tolerable”
Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations
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