Women`s Rights

Presentation by Victoria and Ethan
 Many women who fought for Civil and workers’ rights later became
active in women’s rights.
 Women make up half of the population in US, but were treated as a
In 1848 the Seneca Falls convention happened (women’s suffrage)
 Many women attended college but didn’t enter a profession.
 For almost every job, women made less than men.
 Equal pay act = outlawed wage differences based on gender
 Civil rights act - also prohibited discrimination based on gender.
 glass ceiling: an invisible barrier to professional advancement of women
and minorities
 National Organization for Women: a group formed in 1966 to advance
women's rights.
 Sexism - used to describe oppression on women.
 Women liberation - movement to combat sexual discrimination and to gain
full legal, economic, educational, social rights and opportunities for women,
equal to those of men.
 Feminism - movement for women’s equality.
 Working for Equal Rights - One of the main goals of the women’s movement
was to win passage of the equal rights amendment to the Constitution.
 ERA equality of rights under the law shall not be denied by the United States.
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySfRXOfgbKU
 Some people thought the ERA would force women to serve in the military.
 Women’s rights also focused on birth control and abortion.
 Birth control - people argued that family-planning centers should not advise
couples on other methods to avoid pregnancy.
 Some Americans disapproved the pill.
 Some people saw abortions as murder.
 1937 court Ruled in Roe vs. Wade that the "the rights of privacy... is broad
enough to encompass a women’s decision whether or not to terminate their
Right to vote
Equal opportunity employment
Are now seen as more than just housewives
Are more involved in politics
Equal civil and political rights
Current Progress
Tremendous progress has been made
But there is still discrimination and
unfairness towards women
In 2012 the US made a proposal to
protect a woman’s freedom of choice,
achieve pay equity, and stop sexual
harassment in all work places
 What act outlawed wage differences based on gender ?
 What exactly is the National Organization for Women?
 What area of women’s rights did the Seneca Falls
convention go over?
 What is the glass ceiling?
 What did the Civil Rights act outlaw?
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