Mary Griffiths - National Children`s Bureau

Improving outcomes for
children through the
Healthy Child Programme
Mary Griffiths
FNP National Unit
Department of Health
Why the early years matter…
Fetal and infant brain development
Early experiences in the womb impact
on future health and wellbeing
The quality of early parenting
Environmental and ecological impacts
Mother’s health and wellbeing
associated with outcomes
The contribution of health visitors
Supporting young families
 Improving the quality and uptake of the
Healthy Child Programme
 Families and children need different levels
of support
 The new service model
 Working in partnership
 Connecting with communities
The Healthy Child Programme
 Universal,
progressive, preventive
 Led by HVs but delivered in
 Focus on outcomes
 Address inequalities
Supporting practitioners to
deliver the HCP
Update of the two to
two-and-a-half year
Preparation for Birth &
E Learning Programme
investing in
children's services
for a fairer future
Working with Health Visiting
Early Implementer Sites
Developing the knowledge, skills and
confidence to lead local change
 Focus on practice and enabling systems to
support it
 Undertaking local projects to improve the
quality and coverage of the HCP with a
focus on:
- antenatal contacts
- two to two-and-half year reviews