Presentation on the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People

UN Convention on the Rights
of Disabled People
Scottish Civil Society Reporting on the
UK List of Issues
Dr Pauline Nolan
Inclusion Scotland
• National Disabled People’s Organisation
in Scotland
• Mission:
• Promote Equality and Human Rights
• Raise awareness of the barriers faced
by disabled people in Scotland
• Agree with and promote the Social Model
of Disability and Independent Living
UN CRPD Timeline
• UK ratification of UNCRPD – June 2009
• UK submitted its report to the UN – November
• 1st UN Scrutiny of UK Govt implementation of
UNCRPD – Spring 2016??
• Inclusion Scotland consultation – April -…
Inclusion Scotland nationwide
• Approach: Multi-strand equalities
and seldom heard voices
• ‘What’s got worse and what got better?’
• April: AGM and 3 further events
• Other organisations’ events
• Publication sent to local DPO’s
• Online Questionnaire
• 9 major human rights issues reported back by
disabled people
• Backed this up with evidence
from large-scale research by, e.g.
DWP, academics and big disability charities.
• Adequate Standard of Living
- Economic crisis,
- welfare reform, and
- cuts to social care
• Work and Employment
• Discrimination against
• Disabled women
• Black and ethnic minority disabled people
• LGBT disabled people
• Disabled children
• On the basis of disability and age.
• Negative stereotypes and poor public
• Blamed on negative political and media
• Freedom from torture and integrity of the
• Hate crime
• Abuse in care settings
• Access to Justice
• Tribunal fees for employment discrimination cases
• Access to Solicitors
• Fear of challenging service providers
• Access to Information
• Living Independently and being included in
the community
• Access to Housing and Transport
• Promotion of human rights
What’s next? Inclusion Scotland will
• Update our report to go to the UN
• Consult and engage with more disabled people
• Disabled people in care homes
• LGBT disabled people
• Disabled children
• “Grasping the thistle” workshops on difficult issues
• Mainstream vs specialist education
• Aspects of mental health service provision