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2-1-1 Helpline
Updated 10/14/13
What is 2-1-1 Helpline?
• 2-1-1 is a 3-digit phone number
for accessing essential community
• 2-1-1 Helpline is a program of the
Community Service Council, a
United Way partner agency.
• 2-1-1 Helpline was established in 2005 as the first 2-1-1
service in Oklahoma and now serves 37 counties in
• 2-1-1 Helpline maintains a database of 2,300+ organizations
with over 12,000 service listings.
• In 2012, call volume was 153,000 with 20,000 on-line
Make 2-1-1 Your First Call To Find…
• Every call starts with an assessment of caller needs
• Basic Needs – Food, Clothing and Housing
• Counseling, Crisis Intervention, Disability Services,
Domestic Violence Services, Healthcare, Job
Placement, Legal Assistance, Native American Services,
Rent Assistance, Senior Services, Utility Assistance and
• Crisis outreach and the latest information on relief and
recovery efforts during community emergencies and
• Targeted resources available regarding issues such as
military family and veteran support, public health
emergencies, and employment transitions.
Who Calls 2-1-1?
• 76% of callers (100,000+) are female
• 10% are aged 60+
• Most callers are seeking service for
their families or households.
• The vast majority of callers are low- to very lowincome
• Approximately 1% of callers are Spanish only
speakers . 2-1-1 Helpline provided service to
1,500 Spanish-speaking callers in 2012.
2-1-1 Helpline Caller Needs 2012
Basic Needs (Housing, Food, Clothing)
Information Services
Health Care
Family Community Supports/Volunteers
Legal/Consumer/Public Safety
Government Assistance/Economic Services
Mental Health
Education/Job Training
Most Frequent Referrals - 2012
Agency Name
Number of Referrals
Salvation Army - Tulsa Center of Hope
Catholic Charities
Neighbor for Neighbor
Helping Hands Ministry
Oklahoma Department of Human Services
First Baptist Church of Tulsa
Free Directory Assistance
Restore Hope Ministries
John 3:16 Mission
City of Tulsa
Find Help Online
ReferWeb is an online resource directory that lists services provided by agencies throughout
Eastern Oklahoma.
Enter your zip code or select your city from the list.
Choose Search by Service Keyword or Search by Agency or Program Name.
Search by Service Keyword - Type a word or phrase to find a specific service, or choose from
the entire list of services. Words such as Food will return a list of services that are foodrelated, such as food pantries, meals, nutrition sites, food stamps, etc.
Search by Agency or Program Name - Type a word or phrase to find a specific agency or
Recommended Search - Enter your zip code, then Search by Service Keyword. This search
sorts results by distance and lists the approximate distance from the zip code entered. [City
searches are sorted by name of city and do not include distance.]
Target Terms – Some services are targeted to certain age groups, ethnicities or issues. The
term “Food Pantries” will show all services, whereas the term “Food Pantries*Native
American” will show services targeting that population.
Service providers can utilize ReferWeb to update their listing or request inclusion in the
A Program of The Community Service
Council of Greater Tulsa
September 2013
•ReferWeb Site Visits: 1,843
•ReferWeb Searches: 3,033
•211Info Email Requests for Referral: 1
•211Info Voicemail Requests for Referral: 2
A Program of The Community Service
Council of Greater Tulsa
The Where to Go for Help brochures are easy-to-access
guides to basic services in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. The
brochures may be downloaded and printed as needed.
Most recent update: March/April 2013.
•Where to Go for Help – Food
•Where to Go for Help- Clothing
•Where to Go for Help – Housing and Financial
A Program of The Community Service
Council of Greater Tulsa
From Our Callers
live in another state and have a disabled son in Tulsa
who needed help finding an affordable cell phone
provider. 2-1-1 Helpline helped me contact a service so
that we can stay connected.”
• “I’m a single woman, and I didn’t think I could pay for
the work I needed done on my car. I didn’t know if
there was anywhere where I could take my car, but 2-11 Helpline referred me to several car clinics in my area.”
• “I was homeless after I left a domestic violence
situation, and I had some medical problems, too. I was
so down, but when I called 2-1-1, they helped me find
out about shelters and medical care.”
From Our Agency Partners
“2-1-1 has been a great partner in how the Tulsa Health Department
delivers services. We value the ability for our outreach workers and
case managers to call easily from their cell phones and access up-todate information that will allow their clients to get the help they need
and address any barriers they have to improving their health.”
“The staff at 2-1-1 have gone above and beyond to develop specific
lists of information pertinent to our clients in a timely manner. They are
my first call when I get a request out of my area of expertise. This
service allows us to focus on our programs and outcomes and engage
effectively with the community. Thanks, 2-1-1 for always being there
when we need you.”
Kathy Kleine Crabtree
Infant Mortality and Outreach Coordinator
From Our Agency Partners
• In our 2012 survey of partner organizations:
– 95.6% indicated 2-1-1 Helpline is an exceptionally
valuable resource to their agency
– 95.7% indicated 2-1-1 Helpline is an exceptionally
valuable resource to callers
How We Partner Together
• Call 2-1-1 or access the 2-1-1
website for additional health and
human service options to assist
employees, clients or customers.
• Redirect individuals seeking
services not provided by your
organization to 2-1-1.
• Complete our web-based annual update process of
your agency’s referral information.
• Include 2-1-1 in your agency’s after-hours messages.
• Display 2-1-1 posters and tent cards in your facility.
• Contact us for presentations on 2-1-1 Helpline.
Jim Lyall, Director
2-1-1 Helpline
Tulsa, Oklahoma
[email protected]