Geek Puff Day 4

Geek Puff Day 4
 Problems?
 Favorite apps?
 Least favorite apps?
Build an App
Walkthrough the process
Idea & Research
 Is it a good idea?
 Has it been done?
How does your idea work?
 How will a user navigate the app?
 What comes first? Second? And so on?
 Will it work?
Paper Prototyping
Communicate your idea & the user interface
Test with your team
Test with
Develop your app
 Have your idea, your scope of work and your
 Get price quotes from computer programmers
Run with it
 Let the developers do their work
 Keep them on track with the intent of your idea
 Allow room for collaboration
Final Stages
 Test your app with volunteer users
 Ship your app (release in the App Store)
Once it is in the store, you aren’t done yet!!
Continue to improve your app
Ways to measure success
Sales of the apps themselves
Use the app as a marketing
tool to promote another
service or product
Viral message
Use social networks to make a
message viral until it reaches news
stations & eventually the
politicians, corporations or
community you want to get the
Technology tool to promote change
It Gets Better Campaign
 YouTube Video
 Goes viral by Social networks, etc.
 Celebrities do it
 Petition to SF Giants team
 Perpetuates message to a new audience and makes it
Return iPod Touches
 I will clear the Touches of all your
information for you
 TURN Wifi OFF on your iPod Touch
 Return iPod Touch with accessories:
 Case
 Cable
 Earbuds (ear phones)
 Chargers
Good luck!
Stay in Touch!