What is ASML Future Talent (AFT)? Objectives

Proposal of ASML Future Talent 2011
ASML Taiwan
1. What is ASML Future Talent (AFT)?
2. Mission Statement
3. Objectives
4. Target Base
5. Benefits and Outcomes
6. Overview of the Program
Mission Statement
To be the FIRST EVER corporation
in Taiwan providing an interactive,
practical and diversified training
program to top university students
What is ASML Future Talent (AFT)?
ASML Future Talent provides graduate students throughout Taiwan
a platform to experience the practical working culture of ASML
Taiwan in order to diversify their skill sets.
All participants are required to perform and undertake various
assignments designated by ASML. The participants will be given a
certificate for accredit of joining the program at the end of the day.
To maintain ASML reputation and sustain
the exposure in the Taiwan Labor market
To create the Corporate Service
Responsibilities (CSR) by adding values to
potential candidates
To attract the top talent candidates from
top universities for future recruitment
To give graduate students a picture that
what ASML’s daily routine jobs like
To wider graduate students horizontally
and boost up the percentage of hiring
more “Adaptable and Suitable” employees
To assist graduate students to develop a
high level of specialized knowledge and
commercial expertise that’s needed to
succeed in business – including leadership
and teamwork
Target Base
1. Target Applicants: Master Degree Students throughout Taiwan Top
Universities with 1 ~ 2 years to go before graduation
2. Majors: Engineering Principal - Physics; Mechanical Engineering,
Electrical Engineering etc.
3. Target Training Areas: Customer Service (Field) + Global Support
Justification: Due to the number of CS and GSC employees have
dominated in ASML, we would like to focus the training on those areas
in order to get the best out of it.
4. Number of Participants: 15 to 20 people with a distribution of 3 groups;
A group of 5 to 6 people.
Benefits and Outcomes
Benefits –
1. To identity top talent for future recruitment
2. To establish a rapport relationship with various universities for
campus recruitment
3. To identify “the Right and Best” candidate for different fields
Outcomes –
1. Maintain ASML image and exposure in Taiwan labor Market
2. Provide opportunities for potential candidates to experience ASML
working culture
3. Establish early network and build commitment for ASML to reach out
future talents
4. Better matching young potentials to a particular area based on their
personal skills and competences
Overview of the Program
Time and Date
Duration and
November 25th, 2011 (Friday)
From 10am to 10.00pm
1-day on & off site real life experience
training session
Onsite – Hsinchu Office for
the program (10am to 5pm)
Offsite – Dinner and
presentation (6pm to 10pm)
15 to 20 people
Maximum 3 groups with a
group of 5 to 6 people.
Customer Support Correspondence
Each team will be scored by
the assessors; The winning
team will be rewarded; We
will also elect the MVP for
the program.
Trainers /
HR Personnel
Line managers
Directors of Customer Support
Mastermind your talents, Determine your future!
We want you…..
What are you waiting for?
Thanks for your
ASML Future Talent 2011