Admissions Office

I start by congratulating you on your success at
any of the University’s three Post-UTME that
you attended, which culminated in your being
recommended for admission into this great
citadel of learning, the premier University in
Nigeria. Congratulations!!!
This topic may not be too relevant to most of
you at this time, considering the fact that more
than 90% of you recommended for admission
have gone through the process of admission
clearance, however, I would still implore you
to give me your full attention, as one or two
information useful to your stay on this campus
will be passed across through this talk.
After you have been recommended for
admission and your names taken to JAMB
Abuja for approval, as well as displayed on the
website of the university, you are first expected
to pay the sum of N7,500.00 as Admission
Acceptance fee, and come to the Admission’s
Office for clearance for these reasons:
To present the originals of all your
academic credential for sighting to ensure
compatibility with the results you logged in online with which you got invited for interaction.
To also get registered fully at the
Admissions Office as a student of the
University. It is at this point, that a file is
opened for you, which will later on be
transferred to the Records Office at the
appropriate time.
To submit your reference letters,
written for you by persons authorized to do so,
in attestation of your good moral conduct. This
is because, at the end of your stay here, your
degree will be awarded to you on the basis of
your character and learning. Should you get
yourself involved in any disciplinary matter,
the persons who stood as referees for you will
be contacted.
Acceptance form
Jamb result
‘O’ level, ‘A’ level or other results with which
your admission was processed.
Two reference letters
Biodata form
JAMB letter of Admission
UTME result slip
Ten (10) recent passport size photographs
Birth Certificate or Sworn Declaration of Age
Bank teller for payment of N7,500 Admission's
acceptance fee
Medical Form
Undertaking Form
UI Jamb Form B003
Having gone through the process of clearance,
you are issued an “Authority to Pay”, which
signifies a perfect completion of the process
and authenticates your offer of admission, after
which you move on to do the other registration
like medical registration, financial clearance,
hall allocation clearance, Faculty and
departmental clearance etc.
Please note these information:
Now that you have been admitted and cleared,
you are not permitted to write another UTME
and make U.I any of your choices, if you were
not asked to withdraw from the University due
to poor academic performance. When asked to
withdraw due to a disciplinary problem, you
have fallen short of the University’s
expectation of your character, and so, cannot
come back.
Upgrading of Admission status from 100 to 200
Uploading of your picture and signature on the
University portal, to enable you be issued your
I.D card later.
Log in of Jamb Registration Number to know
and get information on matriculation number
and hall of residence on the Portal.
At a date to be announced later, the University
will matriculate you at an impressive ceremony
right here in this hall.
Please endeavour to have a focus and not allow
yourself to be derailed, because if you do, you
may not go beyond matriculation.
Mind the company you keep and move only
with persons who can add value to your life.
Once again, I congratulate you and wish you a
fruitful period of studentship on this campus.
God bless.