IDEA Powerpoint for Staff Briefing

Staff Briefing
18th of January 2011
IDEA Restructuring
IDEA Restructuring
IDEA Restructuring
IDEA Restructuring
Timescales and Dates (Subject to Change)
Staff consulted on part A - Briefing 18.01.2011
Staff deadline to provide formal feedback: 04.02.2011
Part B submission to PEG - 09.03.2011 (estimated date)
Part B submission to ARC - 10.03.2011(estimated date)
Consultation end date - 15.03.2011
Staff notified of outcomes - post 15.03.2011(estimated date)
Sources of Support
• You can talk to your line manager, trade union representative or to
staff in the HR Department. Alternatively, if you would like to speak in
confidence to someone outwith the University, you can contact Care
First on 0800 174 319. Care First is an independent and confidential
service operating 24 hours a day which offers professional
counselling, information services and debt management. It can
provide support for both staff and managers.
• There is an area of the HR intranet site dedicated to issues around
reorganisation, redeployment and redundancy. This includes a
section on sources of support which contains information on training
and sources of information and advice.
Reorganisation, redeployment and redundancy link:
Sources of support link:
What Happens Now?
• Feedback to be submitted to Prof John Duffield or emailed to by 4th of February 2011