Report of Interim Director for 4th CARPHA Executive Board

Fourth Meeting of CARPHA Executive Board
The Westin Resort
14 July 2012
Report on Implementation of CARPHA
Work plan
Developed at Transition Workshop
Approved at 2nd Board Meeting
Implementation by Interim Implementation team
Composition- Dr.Jerome Walcott, Dr Robert Lee, Dr
Edward Greene & Ms Catherine Eastman(CAREC)
Research Agenda
• “Health Research Agenda for the Caribbean” has
been prepared by the Caribbean Health Research
• Research priorities guided by the CCHIII initiative
• This year’s Scientific Meeting was promoted as the
CARPHA/CHRC Scientific Meeting;
• The Interim Executive Director participated in the
Council Meeting and made a presentation on
CARPHA at the beginning of the Scientific Meeting
which was well received.
• Dr Robert Lee will make presentation
Laboratory Development
• Executive Board requested, Director, PAHO/WHO to
provide assistance in acquiring the architectural
design and costing for the CARPHA Laboratory
• Dr Jean Marc Gabastou, PAHO Regional Advisor in
Public Health Laboratory Services is coordinating this
process and has held meetings with T&T Officials
• Three stages for the construction of the laboratories
have been identified:
• (i) Design brief
• (ii) Architectural designs
• (iii) Bidding process for construction of the buildings
Laboratory Development
• US-CDC requested to provide assistance, the
availability of an engineer-architect to visit T&T in
• It is expected that the draft Design Brief for CARPHA
laboratory/NPHL will be completed by the end of
July with support from PAHO and CDC.
• The draft of the Design Brief will be submitted to the
Working Group of CARPHA Laboratory Special
Advisory Group for review and comments, before
submission to the architects.
Implementation of Human Resource matters
• Information collected from RHIs
• Review of job descriptions, classification/grades, salaries and
staff benefits
• These activities have been done by the Human Resource Subcommittee which comprises representatives of CAREC, PAHO,
CARICOM Secretariat, Permanent Secretary, Trinidad and
Tobago and the Interim Executive Director of CARPHA.
• Several detailed policy documents, manuals and forms that
will be used by CARPHA have been prepared in draft form
CARPHA HR Policy Documents
• These include the following:• (i) CARPHA Draft Proposed Staff Rules
• (ii) CARPHA Draft Code of Ethical Principles and Conduct
• (iii) Draft Policy on Benefits for persons recruited from
outside of duty station
• (iv) Draft Flexitime Policy
• (v) Draft Dress code Policy
• (vi) Draft Performance Awards Policy
• (vii) Draft HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy
• (viii) Draft Policy for payment of warm clothing allowance
Recruitment of Implementation / Executive
Management Team
• The process for advertising and short-listing of
persons for the top posts in the CARPHA
Management Team will commence shortly
• The process will now be overseen by the Board; the
intention being to recruit these persons by January
• Process outlined in Working Document for Board’s
Staff retention during transition
• The staff of the RHIs who wish to so do, will be
allowed to transition into appropriate posts within
• Initially on one year contracts so as to avoid any
disruption of services
• To allow for a seamless transition.
• It has now been suggested that consideration be
given to identifying some among senior level staff
with exceptional records and expertise for two-year
Other HR Related Issues
• Contractual agreements during the period 20122013 at CEHI and CHRC;
• Legal recommendations related to certain HR issues
e.g. the Director of CRDTL;
• Host country agreements and standardized tax
immunities with Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago,
which are currently in place for CAREC and its staff;
• CAREC’s Group Health and Life Insurance Scheme
and its Provident Fund
Information Technology
• The transition to CARPHA requires that the
Information Communication Technology (ICT)
infrastructure be in place for the beginning of
operation of the organization.
• This will be achieved in three phases as follows • The first phase entails the setting up of a parallel
network at CAREC. This will allow CARPHA staff to
start operations with its own IT infrastructure as
early as July under its own CARPHA domain;
Information technology
• Phase 2 involves acquiring the business software
required to run the day to day operations of the
organization. This includes Financial and Human
Resources, including Payroll and Procurement.
• The final phase involves the transition of the existing
IT infrastructure to the CARPHA domain which
involves reconfiguring the existing switches and
routers to the new CARPHA domain.
• Proposal before EU seeking funding
Financial Issues
• CARPHA Finance Sub-committee established
• To provide strategic policy guidance
• To recommend appropriate guidelines and
procedures for fiscal management of CARPHA
• Composition
• Advice Board on other matters referred to it
• Has made recommendations for Board’s
Recommendations of Finance subcommittee
Draft CARPHA Programme Budget: - presented as a
separate document for discussion and approval by the
The Executive Board is asked to agree that the CARPHA
quota contributions should be a simple summation of
amounts currently being paid by Member countries to the
RHIs; they would remain at present levels for the years 2013
& 2014.
The Executive Board should request the CARICOM
Secretariat to issue the necessary Savingram, to Member
States regarding quota contributions for CARPHA. In
addition, the CARICOM Heads of Government should be
informed of this decision by the Secretariat when they meet
in July.
Recommendations of Finance subcommittee
A new formula for the assessment of quota contributions
should be prepared before the end of 2013,
For presentation to the Health Ministers and CARICOM
Heads of Government in 2014.
Proposed that a “small task force” should be constituted
to carry out the necessary research and prepare an
appropriate report with recommendations.
“Task force” would be comprised of a representative of
the CARICOM Secretariat, a representative of the CARPHA
implementation team and a representative of the
Government of Trinidad and Tobago
Recommendations of Finance subcommittee
The Executive Board is asked to agree that
attempts should be made to recover arrears
currently due to the RHIs.
The Executive Board is asked to agree to the
establishment of a CARPHA Bank account and to
determine the signatories to that account.
Agree to the need for a CARPHA Working Capital
Fund It was felt that this would be very important
especially at the beginning of 2013;
Recommendations of Finance subcommittee
• The Executive Board is asked to agree to the
establishment of a Provident fund or pension fund
• The Executive Board is asked to request from the
implementation team, by the provision of a finance
Collaboration between CARPHA and
Proposal submitted by Director of PANCAP
Circulated to members of TAC
1 response so far
Board will have to give direction as to process to
be followed
• Decision to be made at next Ministers’ Caucus
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