The Book Unbound
Disruption and Disintermediation
in the Digital Age
An AHRC Digital Transformations
Research Development Project
Project Partners
University of Stirling
PI: Professor Claire Squires
Co-Is: Dr Paula Morris
& Dr Padmini Ray Murray
Project Assistants: Helen Lewis-McPhee,
Louisa Preston & Aileen-Elizabeth Taylor
External Partners
Scott Russell Publishing Services
Electric Bookshop
@stirpublishing @clairesquires @praymurray
The Book Unbound focused on how
publishing is reacting to the advent of
digital technologies, and on the
constantly changing relationships in
the book trade as it moves from print
and paper to digital ink and screen.
Seismic shifts are resulting in
emergent business models that
challenge the prevailing hierarchies of
cultural gatekeeping, as well as
developing new modes of authorship,
and reshaping perceptions of the book
as cultural artifact.
The traditional publishing value chain
traces the trajectory of intellectual
property from author to reader, where
publishing activities such as editorial,
marketing and design are all
performed by the publisher. Now, this
process is being disrupted and
disintermediated at every stage.
Traditional to Digital Communications Circuit
We explored the impact of the
digital age on publishing through
two modes of enquiry, both of which
fed into a series of infographics
depicting changing models of
Case studies of And Other Stories,
Blasted Heath, Canongate TV, Faber
Factory and Guardian Books,
focusing on business models
created in response to technological
Experimental enquiry via the
research, development and making
of a digital publication (Borderlines)
for the iPad, using Adobe Digital
Publishing Suite.
Electric Bookshop
Publishing Scotland
conference 2013
The Bookseller
‘Forward Thinking: Indies
Tackle Digital Straight On’
Book 2.0
‘The Digital Publishing
Communications Circuit’
the app
Taleist Survey: Not a Gold Rush