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Making your research available for re-use

Why? Reputation

• Get credit for high quality research

• Increased understanding of your methods

• Allows work to be verified by others

• Recognition for contribution to research community

• Extend research beyond your discipline

Why? Funding

• Making data and/or publications available may be a requirement of your funding body

• It may make your funding proposal more attractive when sharing data is not essential

Why? Impact

• Sharing makes your data:

– Easier to find

– Easier to access

• Open data/publications lead to increased citations

Why? Reuse

• Starting point for a complementary study

• Test data for new software and algorithms

• Teaching purposes

• Contexts not currently envisaged

• Completely different fields


• Remember you can share data at the end of a project

• Use repositories and data centres

– Choose open access or controlled access, depending on your data


• Redact or embargo if there is good reason:

– Intended publication

– Patent protection

– Use of 3 rd party copyrighted material


• Reputation

• Impact

Share it

• Funding

• Re-use


• Use repositories and data centres

– Choose open or controlled access

– Consider embargoes and redactions if necessary

Open Access Teaching Materials for Digital Preservation

Produced by Anna Collins (2012) for the JISCfunded PrePARe project

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-

NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License .