Quiz 5

Quiz 5
1. Which of the following is NOT put in the “primitive hominin” category by Miller?
a.) Sahelanthropus tchadensis
b.) Orrorin tuganensis
c.) Ardipithecus ramidus
d.) Australopithicus afarensis
In general, over the course of evolution from primitive and archaic hominins
to their descendents, which change took place?
a.) increase in tooth size
b.) decrease in tooth size
c.) development of a sagittal crest
d.) loss of the ability to make stone tools
3. Who made the Oldowan stone tools?
a.) Richard Leakey
b.) Homo habilis
c.) Homo sapiens
d.) Pan paniscus
4. The earliest hominins to migrate off of the African continent were_______________________.
a.) Homo sapiens.
b.) very early forms of the genus Homo.
c.) Australopiticenes.
d.) very early forms of Neanderthals.
5. In John Marshall’s ethnographic film the Hunters, the !Kung hunters kill a Giraffe by____________.
a.) spearing it to death
b.) trapping it
c.) clubbing it to death
d.) chasing it to death