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Directions: Go to Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook (World History). Click Chapter 1.2
Early Humans.
The questions below match with the text on each page. Make sure you are reading carefully so you can
answer each question.
Page 1: From Africa to Southwest Asia, Europe, and Further into Asia
1. What does Homo sapiens also mean?
2. Where have the earliest fossils been found? How old are they?
3. What triggered dramatic changes in the Earth’s climate?
4. What side effects happened in Africa because of the climate change?
5. What is the role of a hunter?
6. What is the role of the gatherer?
7. Why did the early humans cross the Red Sea?
8. What does “game” mean in the first paragraph under Spreading Through Asia and into Europe?
9. Why did Homo Sapiens not live in Europe during the Ice Age?
10. How did human populations spread around the world?
Page 2: Crossing the Ancient Seas
1. In what ways was the ocean level different than it is now?
2. How were humans able to travel around areas of the world that were covered by water?
3. Where did early humans travel to?
4. What did the lower sea level allow for early humans to do?
5. From the reading what does an Archeologist study?
6. What are early humans believed to have built?
7. What is the name of the land bridge?
8. What two pieces of land did the land bridge connect?
9. How are scientists attempting to answer questions about early human migration?
10. Why did early humans keep moving into South America instead of staying in North America?
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