Biographical note Timoty Leonardi is Curator of

Biographical note
Timoty Leonardi is Curator of Manuscripts and Rare Books at the Capitulary Library of Vercelli.
He received in 2012 a Short-Term Fellowship from the Newberry Library of Chicago to study early
bookbindings on incunabula collection.
Since 2011, he is project manager and executive editor of the “Database of Bookbindings in
Piedmont”, funded by Regione Piemonte and Centro Studi Piemontesi of Turin.
He is currently involved, as consultant, in the Lazarus Project, Bernstein Project. The memory of
paper) and MEMIP (Medieval Enamels, Metalworks and Invories in Piedmont). He is member of
the Società Storica Vercellese Executive Board and the SiBEP Executive Board (Sistema delle
Biblioteche Ecclesiastiche Piemontesi).
In 2005, he holds a MPhil in “Studi sul Libro Antico e per la formazione di figure di bibliotecario
manager impegnato nella gestione di raccolte storiche” at the University of Siena.
He has written and curated several papers and books about manuscripts and early printed books;
he has given several lectures in university courses and international conferences.