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Baldwin Purr Palace
All of these cats would like to offer
their help to our economy!
So What is a Cat Café?
-Light Snacks and tea
-25-30 Cats in a play room
-People to play with the cats
Think of it as a cross between a
coffee shop and adoption center
• A Cat Café is a light café specialized in creating a social
interaction between people and cats. The business would
allow adoption and social acclimation for the local stray
population, as well as giving visitors a peaceful place to play
with many friendly cats and the medical and mental
benefits they bring.
Who is this café for?
Our main visitors will be tourists,
especially women and children who
were not interested in hunting during
their visit to Baldwin.
We will have many nice cats available for
adoption, all of which will be looking for
new homes, this will primarily be for the
locals, and relative locals.
Also for the tourists, we will have a
selection of specialty breed cats, for
those searching for unusual furry
Health Benefits of a Cat’s Purr
• We intend to market the café by means of
online marketing, especially through social
media, as well as billboards and word of
mouth, not excluding TV, since this kind of
establishment is the first of it’s kind on the
east coast.
Tourism and Schools
• This Cat Café would be the 7th in the US, and
the first of it’s kind permanently on the
Eastern Coast. There have been no failed cat
cafes yet!
• We have contacted several MI schools to
bring attention to this project, rewarding the
winner with promotion and a Purr Palacethemed car.
Fund Raising
• While we already own the
primary building and land
that will be used to begin the
project, we will be funding
this project through Crowd
Funding, provided by
• This is a program for raising
funds through large amounts
of supporters, rather than a
single financier.
Food Preparation
• Food will be prepared in it’s own
building, away from the cats,
and served behind a glass case.
This will consist of light snacks
and refreshments. Sorry, there
will be no alcohol at this location
(the cats do not approve).
Safety for the
• We will be keeping a dedicated nurse and vet on staff to
handle any accidents on site, as well as giving shots to
the new cats that come in. These cats will be slowly
acclimated to people, until they are ready to find a
Project Layout
Our Building on the left will be
completed and used as the primary
office and cat area.
The building on the right will be
salvaged and removed.
The other 3 will be acquired building kits
as pictured on the right.
Additional Ideas
• If allowed, we also would like to build a stage
on premises for storytelling and cat
performances for locals and tourists alike.
Thank You for Your
time, and we look
forward to starting
our project soon!