Framing our work


Framing our work for investors

Asia Pacific Regional Conference

June 29, 2011

Ann Y. Fox

VP, Individual Giving

United Way Worldwide

How United Way Works

What will it take to become a United Way mobilizing for community impact?

Engage and align with the community

Create & deepen relationships with individuals & institutions

Develop strategies and focus actions

Mobilize resources

If we wish to be effective, we will need to:

Align and execute on plans and strategies

Measure, evaluate & communicate results

Operate as an integrated and aligned organization

Have the right skills, competencies

& leadership

United Way Business Framework

How United Ways will grow resources to fuel the community impact model

Develop & implement impact strategies that improve lives

Segment, prioritize, and understand interests of investors and build ongoing relationships with them

Frame strategies as investment products and connect them to investor interests/aspirations

Framing Impact Strategies as Investment Products 2011 3

United Way Business Framework

• You can’t set impact strategies without an eye to investor interests

• You can’t simply respond to investor interests without an eye to the needs of the community

• Products should be developed with both impact strategies and investor interests in mind


The stool must have 3 legs.

Impact Strategies

Framing Impact Strategies as Investment Products 2011

Investor Interests


Principles of Framing Impact

Strategies as Investment Products

• Start with impact strategies needed to drive change in a focus area.

• Set impact strategies with an eye to investor interests.

• Only sell issues or goals that you have strategies to support.

• Only sell a strategy you believe will work.

• Not every impact strategy, or its components, is a product that can be sold.

• Be prepared to show results

Framing Impact Strategies as Investment Products 2011 5

Activity: Imagine Yourself as a Donor

What kinds of things do you want to hear about from your United Way contact ?



Framing Impact Strategies as Investment Products 2011 6

Investor Discovery Visits Can Help Us

Define Benefits

Learn investor motivation. Why would it matter to them?

Altruistic motives: desire to help others through philanthropy

Task motives: performance-focused reasons; e.g., increased quality, effectiveness or output; decreased costs

Personal motives: human drivers of decisions; e.g., greater control, approval, recognition

Framing Impact Strategies as Investment Products 2011 7

Why United Way?

What are your United Way’s unique abilities to deliver value to the community?

What are the specific roles your United Way will lend to the effort?

How are the potential roles aligned with your United Way’s competencies and mission?

Thank you