Action Verbs

Action Verbs
brainpop-watch first 45 seconds
GLE 0501.1.1 Demonstrate knowledge of Standard English usage, mechanics, and
GLE 0501.1.3 Demonstrate knowledge of Standard English sentence structure.
Check for understanding Know and use appropriately the meaning, forms, and
functions of verbs (including action/linking, regular/irregular, be/have, verb
phrases, agreement with subject in person and number)
SPI 0501.1.2 Identify the correct use of verbs (i.e., action/linking,
regular/irregular, agreement, tenses) within context.
Pull a Verb Activity-can do
again from day 1
• Students will pull a verb from the
bag and act out that verb.
• The rest of the class will try to guess
the action verb being performed.
ReviewName the complete predicate.
Name the simple predicate.
•1. Julia plays the drums.
Simple predicate=verb
•2. Carlos blows on the
Simple predicate=verb
Rules of Action Verbs
•An action verb is a word
that shows action. It tells
what the subject of a
sentence does or did.
Write in notes
Name the action verb in each
sentence. Write under notes.
• 1.
• 2.
• 3.
• 4.
• 5.
Our class played a song.
Caroline blew the whistle.
Sam banged a gong.
Noah rang the bell.
Ali struck the cymbal.
Check your answers.
Now, replace the underlined verb with
a new action verb.
• 1.
• 2.
• 3.
• 4.
• 5.
Our class played a song.
Caroline blew the whistle.
Sam banged a gong.
Noah rang the bell.
Ali struck the cymbal.
• 1.
• 2.
• 3.
• 4.
• 5.
played = wrote; performed
blew = lost
banged = beat
rang = shook
struck = hit
Write as many different
verbs as possible.
•1. Maria ______her crayons.
•2. Julian ______ his science
•3. Ellen ______ her
paragraphs well.
• USE Top Tens posted in classroom
• USE Tired Cemetery, replace “dead”
or “tired” words
• USE “Word Choice” trait
Group activity
• “Animals in Action” WS-cut into sections
and assign group to complete
• Review alliteration
• -groups of no more than 3-4 students
-cut apart at least 3 copies of each letter
-assign 3-4 letters per group
-students need to use strong verbs
creating alliteration with animal names
• EXAMPLE-An aardvark asked an ant for his
• Write a short story (at least one
paragraph of 5-7 sentences) using
5 strong action verbs. Underline the
verbs that you used.
• Topic Ideas
– What you did over Fall Break
– Winter Wishes
– Report Card Reflection over last 9
• Verb Poem using Action Verbs
• Go to next slide
Verb Poem
• Mrs. Brown
• Listens,
• Instructs,
• Assists,
• Grades,
• Monitors,
• And cares.
Your turn:
• 1. Choose a person who is important
to you.
• 2. Lists things they do-make sure
they are actions you can see.
• 3. Create an action verb poem about
your chosen person.
• 4. Write your poem on the small
paper or note card I give you.
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