Native Americans Notes

Who Are Native Americans
IGCSE American History (US)
Kofa High School
Key Question 1:
How and why did the economic, social and
political status of Native Americans change from
How far did the economic, social, and political status
of native American change from 1754-1850? What
were the main influences of these changes?
How far were the Plains/Indian Wars (1864-1890) a
turning point in the fortunes of Native Americans?
To What extent was the policy of assimilation a
success before 1945?
Why did the Native Americans form the Red Power
Movement in the 1960’s? How successful was Red
Power in achieving its aims ?
Tecumseh’s Confederacy
A group of native tribes trying to help
the British defeat the US in “Western
Trying to regain lost land, renounce
alcohol, return to traditional ways and
shun evil American
Led to the War of 1812
Indian Removal 1830
President Andrew Jackson ordered
thousands of Native American’s to leave
their native lands - “whites and natives
cannot coexist”
“Trail of Tears”
Moved to the Indian Territory, now
Question: What would these tribes be
loosing as they are being taken from their
home land?
Clashes Over Land
As white settlers move west, they force
natives onto reservations
As time goes by the reservations get
smaller and smaller
Question: What reasons might white
settlers have for taking native lands?
See map on Pg. 411
Most tribes on the great plains
depended highly on the buffalo for
Question: try to think of as many things
as possible that could be made from a
As white settlers came west they
hunted the buffalo to near extinction.
Nearly causing native life/culture to
US/Native Conflicts
Sand Creek Massacre – 1864
Red River War – 1874-75
70+ Natives killed in CO while trying to
negotiate peace
US Army trying to force Native people
from TX to the Indian Territory
Battle of Little Big Horn - 1876
Custer’s Last Stand
Led to Wounded Knee Massacre
Dawes Act 0f 1887
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Question: “The Dawes Act was the end of Native
culture.” How far do you agree with this view?
Explain your answer.
Assimilation: when one group of
people adopt the cultural norms of
Natives forced to adopt traditional
American/European culture (18901945)
Predominately school children
Red Power
A movement beginning in the 1960’s
encouraging Native people to embrace
their heritage
Occupation of Alcatraz
Plymouth Rock protest
AIM – American Indian Movement
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Question: To what extent do you feel that the Red
Power movement was justified in their actions of
protest? Explain your answer.